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A&S Outstanding Staff Award

Eligible Nominees: All full- or part-time staff members (classified or administrative) in the College of Arts & Sciences are eligible for this award. A staff member may receive the Outstanding Staff Award more than once, but when an individual does receive the award, an interval of four years (including the year of the award) must pass before that person is eligible to receive the award again.

Criteria for Award Selection by College of Arts & Sciences Awards Committee

Selection of award winners will be based on any or all of the following criteria:

  • Exemplary level of competence in carrying out day-to-day job performance, including superior efforts to develop and refine job skills.
  • Innovative thinking with regard to problem solving and finding new and better ways to meet college needs.
  • Exemplary communication. Does the nominee engage in polite, helpful, and productive communication with contacts (e.g. students, staff, faculty, and members of the general public)?
  • Professional Development. Has there been significant new advancement of skills and/or qualifications?
  • Significant one-time effort. Did the nominee complete major task or take on a new leadership role in the past year (e.g. quarter-to-semester conversion efforts)?
  • Professional Recognition. Has there been short-term achievement or long-term activity that has led to local, regional, state or national recognition for professional activities?
  • Professional Outreach. Does the nominee engage in activities above and/or outside their normal responsibilities that share knowledge or expertise with university employees and/or members of the community at large?
  • Advising. Does the nominee serve as an outstanding advisor?

Nomination Process

Nominations will be considered for at least two Outstanding Staff Award each year. Staff in departments (e.g., technical staff) and staff in CAS Units (Academics, Compliance, Finance, Human Resources, IT, Procurement, and Student Affairs). Nominations should come from:

  • Departments or programs, via an appropriate committee (e.g., evaluation, curriculum, promotion and tenure, advisory, or executive); or
  • Unit Manager; or
  • Any fulltime faculty or staff member. (Self-nominations are not acceptable.) Nominators and nominees need not be from the same department or unit.

Nominations should use relevant criteria listed above to describe, in up to three pages, why the nominee is a top performer who is deserving of a college-wide award. Nominations should be sent in pdf format to by March 8.

Award Selection and Recognition

Selections will be made by the Arts & Sciences Awards Committee during Spring Semester, and the awards will be announced at the college Spring Gala. The award recipient will receive a plaque and financial award in recognition of their accomplishments.