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Double Degree Program

Ohio University and the University of Bayreuth (UBT) in Germany have partnered to offer you an amazing opportunity to earn two bachelor’s degrees within the regular four-year period of your undergraduate studies. All of this, while gaining invaluable international experience, completing internship requirements, and establishing an international network of professional contacts in the sport industry.

Ohio University students will spend one year in residence at the University of Bayreuth, typically during the junior year. University of Bayreuth students will spend two years at Ohio University and two years at the University of Bayreuth in Germany. This provides for a completely immersive, hands-on experience for all students enrolled in the double degree program.

More information about the University of Bayreuth

Aerial view of the University of Bayreuth, Germany, campus

Who Can Apply?

  • OHIO students currently enrolled in the sport management degree program can apply.
  • Students are selected based on application materials and other criteria.

How to Apply

Current OHIO Students

Current OHIO students enrolled in the sport management degree program may apply for the Double Degree program anytime in their first or second year of enrollment at OHIO. Download the Double Degree Packet for OHIO students [PDF] for more detailed information.

UBT Students

UBT students apply to OHIO during their first year of enrollment. Download the Double Degree packet [PDF] for more detailed information about the Double Degree program and who to contact with questions.

Double Degree Program Application 

Living Costs in Bayreuth, Germany

The following table gives a broad overview of different living expenses. These numbers are average costs based on information from students living in Bayreuth, Germany. Please keep in mind that different lifestyles will change these numbers. The following table does not include all options for accommodations and insurance. Download a Copy of Living Costs [Excel] to view additional options and prices.

Accommodation SWO Student Dorm (Rent including utilities, Deposit, TV/radio license, phone contract and internet) 1,098.50€
Insurances Statutory Health Insurance (private liability insurance) 113.33€
Fees Semester Fee, University Sport Membership 130.00€
Shopping Clothing, Learning materials, Groceries 230.00€
Leisure/Culture/Sports   61.00€
Necessary Lump Sum Price to get a student Visa for one year 10,236€

Monthly total of above sample: 715.33€

Total cost for one semester (excluding the deposit): $4,422.00€


Dr. B. David Ridpath, Ed.D.
Associate Professor of Sports Business
Director of the Ohio/Bayreuth Double Degree Program
Muck COB Annex, 314
740-593-9496 (work), 740-677-2642 (cell) 

Stephanie Sharp, M.A.
Director of Operations and Student Development
Center for International Business Education and Development (CIBED)
601 Copeland Hall | Athens, OH 45701