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Arrival Guide

Patti McSteen

Welcome to our bricks!

This place is yours to call home. It will change you, challenge you, and will forever be a part of your story. As a Bobcat, you are a part of a community that supports one another, and expects respect from its members. We can’t wait to have you here. This arrival guide website is your best resource as you navigate your transition to Ohio University. We know that many questions and concerns might arise as you’re preparing to move, and we’ve packed these pages with answers and solutions. If you can’t find what you need here, you can always reach out to Housing and Residence Life at housing@ohio.edu or 740.593.4090.


See you soon, Bobcat.

Patti McSteen
Dean of Students

Before You Arrive

Review "What's Next"

Did you miss a step?  Make sure you have completed all next steps for admitted students.

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Choose My Pathway (Asymptomatic Testing for COVID 19)

All students must select one of two pathways to contribute to the safety of our campus communities.

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Roommate Chat

Log into your Housing Self-Service to identify your roommate. Communicate with them before move-in to avoid duplication, particularly of large/heavy items.

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Order a loft and/or a carpet from the Residents' Action Council (see mailer that was sent to your home)

View Amenities

Complete the Course

Successfully complete "AlcoholEDU for College," the online alcohol education course.

Start the Course

Code of Conduct

Review the online "Student Code of Conduct" and "Academic Misconduct" at the Office of Community Standards website.

Code of Conduct Academic Misconduct

Student Housing Handbook

Review the "Student Housing Handbook" so that you are aware of and understand the expectations of living on campus.

Housing Handbook

Academic Calendar

Bookmark or subscribe to the online Academic Calendar for important dates, deadlines, and university closures.

Academic Calendar

MyOHIO Student Center

Students, check your schedule and emergency contact information in your MyOHIO Student Center