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Other Scholarships for First-Year Students

More Scholarship Opportunities

Ohio University is committed to providing access to higher education and to recognizing the scholastic achievements of our incoming students. Complete applicants by the early action deadline of November 15 will receive priority consideration for the OHIO Excellence Awards, our primary scholarship program for new freshmen. The application for admission also serves as the application for scholarships.

Other scholarships also are available for our outstanding first-year students, including those listed below.

Academic College, School, or Departmental Scholarships

Many colleges, schools and departments automatically consider students admitted to their academic programs for additional scholarship opportunities. In most cases, no additional application is necessary. In some cases, an additional application, audition, portfolio review or interview may be required to compete for those awards; in those cases, potentially eligible students will be contacted with application instructions via the student's postal or email address used on the Application for Admission and Scholarships.

The Manasseh Cutler Scholars Program

The Cutler Scholars Program is Ohio University's largest endowed merit scholarship program. Not only academically motivated, Cutler Scholars are also driven to explore the social and political impact of their intellectual interests. Scholars receive a four-year merit scholarship as well as additional funds each year to support travel, research, community engagement and internships. Scholarships are available to applicants who are either from a donor-designated geographic area, such as a county or a specific high school, or admitted to a donor-designated academic unit at Ohio University, such as a college or major.

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Outside Scholarships and Community-based Awards

Admitted first-year students are strongly encouraged to seek out scholarship and grant opportunities available to them through outside agencies, employers, community-based organizations and corporations. Every year, OHIO's Office of Student Financial Aid and Scholarships works with hundreds of first-year students who have received those types of awards to ensure that the funds are applied appropriately to their OHIO education expenses. An excellent third-party source to research external scholarships is available at


Awards for Ohio University Family Members

Employees and their eligible dependents should visit the benefits section of the Human Resources website to learn more about the Ohio University Educational Benefits Program.

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The Ohio University Alumni Association (OUAA) offers a limited number of scholarships for children of alumni; information can be found on the OUAA website.

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Children of alumni who are required to pay the non-resident surcharge may be eligible for the OHIO Next Generation Award. Ohio University does not offer sibling scholarships at this time.

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