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Project Lead the Way (PLTW) Credit Guide

Revised September 2023 Subject to Change

Ohio University will grant college level credit for secondary school students from certified Project Lead the Way (PLTW) schools who satisfy the following requirements:

First, students must complete the following four PLTW courses with a grade of B or above and who have scored a minimum of 400 on the PLTW End-of-Course Assessment for each course:

  1. Introduction to Engineering Design
  2. Principles of Engineering
  3. Digital Electronics
  4. Engineering Design and Development

Second, students must meet the requirements for admission to Ohio University and enroll in the Russ College of Engineering and Technology.

If the previous two conditions are met, the following three (3) courses will be articulated to the student’s Ohio University record.

  1. ET 1XXL: Engineering and Technology Elective (3 credit hours)
  2. EE 1024: Introduction to Computer Engineering (4 credit hours)
  3. ET 1100: Engineering Graphics Fundamentals (2 credit hours)

Application of ET 1XXL, EE 1024, and ET 1100 towards degree requirements in Russ College vary by degree program within Russ College. EE 1024 is a required course in both the electrical engineering and computer science majors. ET 1100 is either a required or elective course in mechanical engineering, electrical engineering, engineering technology and management, and industrial and systems engineering.

An official high school transcript and PLTW score report must be received by Ohio University’s Undergraduate Admissions Office in order for a student to receive credit.