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OHIO’s Global Ambassador team is a dedicated group of international undergraduate students who work closely with the International Admissions staff. Like you, they were once prospective international students who wanted to learn more about the place they would soon call home. Now, they’re here to assist other prospective and admitted undergraduate students with questions about studying in another country, student life at OHIO, and living in Athens.

The Global Ambassadors are eager to discuss life at OHIO and share their own unique experience of making OHIO their forever home! Contact an ambassador using the form below or request our help in being matched with an ambassador by emailing

Student Global Ambassadors

Parikshit Joshi, Class of 2025

Parikshit Joshi Headshot

I'm from: Vadodara, India

Areas of Study: Double majoring in Mechanical Engineering and Physics-Astrophysics

Favorite OHIO Moment: “The best experience which I had was the international student orientation as it helped me to know more about the culture of the university as well as interaction with other students from various parts of the world was amazing. Moreover, the one thing which I admired the most is the culture here in the Athens is very great, people are full of enthusiasm, full of positive energy which inspires me to focus more on my studies as well as my goals.”

Ellie Dang, Class of 2026

Headshot of Global Ambassador Ellie Dang

I'm from: Hai Phong, Viet Nam

Areas of Study: Chemistry Pre-Pharmacy major with a minor in Psychology.

Favorite OHIO Moment: “Being a part of the Bobcat community, the best experiences at OU for me were Homecoming and Street Fair. Homecoming showcased the strong spirit of the university, with impressive performances and a vibrant community. Street Fair provided cultural connections among students from around the world, offering new perspectives and unforgettable moments.”  

Javier Serrano, Class of 2027

Javier Serrano New Headshot

I'm from: Quito, Ecuador

Area of Study: Chemical Engineering major and Chemistry minor

Favorite OHIO Moment: “Being an international student can be scary, but there are just so many activities to do that you will feel included from the first week. I got along so well with 2 students from the Chess club that we ended up playing the piano at Baker center for hours. Other international students from a nearby event joined us to play their favorite songs and share music. Even the Jazz teacher joined us!”

Thien Pham, Class of 2026 

Thein Pham Headshot

I'm from: Danang, Vietnam

Areas of Study: Communication Studies major with a minor in Film

Favorite OHIO Moment: “Being a part of Honors Tutorial College, I have the chance to study in one-on-one tutorials with renowned faculty, which has helped me to pursue my interests intensively. Different on-campus involvements also make me feel very welcome at OU.” 

Tithi Patel, Class of 2025 


I'm from: Vadodara, India

Areas of Study: Nursing major and minor in Psychology 

Favorite OHIO Moment: “Being a part of the global ambassadors was a great experience for me as I got to help so many international students with the transition to college and OHIO, and it helped me improve myself to communicate with people with different backgrounds by getting involved in several social activities.” 

Elias Seidl, Class of 2026

Elias Seidl new headshot

I'm from: Erlangen, Germany

Major: Sports Management, Sport, Business & Law

Favorite OHIO Moment: "I could have never imagined to additionally get exclusive insights into the American sports world. Through the Double Degree Program, I was already able to talk to various top sport business executives from clubs of the major leagues. It is great to see how sport unifies and impacts our community."

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