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OHIO’s Global Ambassador team is dedicated group of international undergraduate students who work closely with the International Admissions staff. Like you, they were once prospective international students who wanted to learn more about the place they would soon call home. Now, they’re here to assist other prospective and admitted undergraduate students with questions about studying in another country, student life at OHIO, and living in Athens.

The Global Ambassadors are eager to discuss life at OHIO and share their own unique experience of making OHIO their forever home! Contact any of the ambassadors by email, or request our help in being matched with an ambassador by emailing admissions@ohio.edu.

Student Global Ambassadors

Laith Al Araibi

Laith Alaraibi

I'm from: Bahrain

Major: Accounting

My favorite OHIO moment is how friendly and helpful other bobcats when you ask or need for help.

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Luisa Guimaraes

Luisa Guimaraes

I'm from: Brazil

Major: Nutrition

My favorite OHIO moment was going to the International Street Fair because I was able to see a lot of diversity and try different foods as well.

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Aanya Datta

Aanya Datta

I'm from: India

Major: Sociology/Psychology

My favorite OHIO moment has been the induction session with my fellow Margaret Boyd Scholars. Getting to know such a diverse, warm and welcoming group of people made me feel very comfortable, from miles away!

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Eunice Prasojo


I'm from: Indonesia

Major: Nutrition Science/Pre-med

My favorite OHIO moment was participating in the Homecoming parade with other international students.

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Kurumi Yamada

Kurumi Yamada

I'm from: Japan

Major: Industrial Systems Engineering

I love seeing squirrels and deer while walking around the campus with my friends. It makes me feel relaxed and it helps to concentrate when I have many assignments due or exams.

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Laura Ndoigo

Laura Ndoigo

I'm from: Kenya

Major: Mechanical Engineering

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Jia Hui (Recca) Lee

Jia Hui Lee

I'm from: Malaysia

Major: Applied Nutrition

My favorite OHIO moment: finding wild deer gazing around on campus.

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Essa Alamiri


I'm from: Saudi Arabia

Major: Mechanical Engineering

Fall 2018, I was walking from the Library and Math department and my eyes couldn’t believe how beautiful our Campus is, the trees, the leaves, and the breeze. It was a perfect moment for me going to my favorite class!

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Tithi Patel

I'm from: Saudi Arabia

Major: Nursing

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