Ohio University

Home School Admission

Ohio University welcomes applications for admission from students who have a home school background. Our home school review process is designed to recognize the unique experience of a home education while ensuring preparation for academic success at OHIO.

Admission Criteria

Because OHIO operates on holistic, selective review, home-schooled applicants are asked to complete the following steps to accurately reflect their distinctive and individualized scholastic work:

  1. All home-schooled applicants must submit written verification from the appropriate school district that the student has been excused from compulsory attendance for home education. Students applying from states that do not require school districts to issue a statement excusing the student from compulsory attendance may have this application requirement waived.
  2. Applicants from Ohio must submit a copy of any academic assessment reports submitted to the appropriate superintendent of schools pursuant to Section 3301-34-04 of the Ohio Revised Code. Applicants from outside of Ohio may be asked to submit additional information.
  3. All home-schooled applicants must submit a personal statement that addresses their academic preparation and detailing any unique experiences, academic or otherwise, which speak to the students’ preparation for enrollment at Ohio University.
  4. All home-schooled applicants must complete one of the following options:
    1. Submit GED results and a Certificate of Equivalence, and results of ACT or SAT* with scores of at least ACT composite 21 or comparable SAT; OR
    2. Submit ACT or SAT* results with scores of at least ACT composite 21 or comparable SAT and a portfolio of the student's work, including a high school transcript. The portfolio may include a curriculum outline, information about purchased curriculum used during home education, descriptions of courses, syllabi for courses, etc. In general, the portfolio should help admissions staff understand the applicant's secondary-level coursework, and the transcript should provide evidence of academic preparation to succeed at OHIO.
      1. Most successful applicants will have completed 21 college-prep units of coursework in the following subjects:
        1. 4 units of English
        2. 4 units of Math, including Algebra II or higher
        3. 3 units of Science
        4. 4 units of Social Studies
        5. 2 units of Foreign Language
        6. 1 unit of Visual or Performing Arts
        7. 4 units of other electives
  5. In some cases, applicants may be invited to interview with an Undergraduate Admissions representative. Undergraduate Admissions will contact students for whom this is necessary.

Submission of all application materials, including the curriculum summary, must meet all published deadlines.

*Ohio University regional campuses do not require ACT/SAT for admission; this requirement may be waived by the appropriate campus.