HCOM student at the Dublin campus going over charts

Student Health Insurance

University Health Insurance Requirement

Ohio University requires all students enrolled in Athens credit hours to maintain an active health insurance policy. Students that have an existing health insurance policy that meets the University waiver requirements may complete a waiver application to remove the charge for the University Student Health Insurance. If a waiver is not completed, or is denied, the University considers the student to be uninsured, and the charge for the University Student Health Insurance remains on the student's account.

The Student Health Insurance Policy is a 1-year commercial policy, and is re-negotiated each academic year. The Student Health Insurance Policy is provided by United Healthcare Student Resources, and offers Domestic, International, and Regional Campus students, as well as their dependents, a comprehensive commercial health insurance policy. The policy is compliant with the requirements of the Affordable Care Act, U.S. Department of State, and the state of Ohio. The policy offers quality coverage specifically tailored to Ohio University student needs.