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Endowed Scholarships

College of Fine Arts student scholarships and awards are a vital way that generous alumni, friends, faculty, and patrons of the arts can support and encourage the next generation of scholars, artists, and creative leaders. 

The criteria for our scholarships cover a wide range of student attributes ranging including full/part-time, undergraduate/graduate, financial need, grade point average, geography, work/life experience, and community involvement. 

Awarding these scholarships is a celebration of our academic and community values in the College of Fine Arts and we invite enthusiastic friends and alumni to contribute, at any level, to these existing scholarships to ensure the future of our diverse and talented student body.

Below are a handful of existing scholarships and awards.



Fine Arts


Scholarship/Award Name Requirements
Dean's Discretionary N.A.
Athens Center Film & Video N.A.
Christine Delmer Brown N.A.
Frederick Leach Mem Book N.A.
Trisolini Print Project N.A.
Trisolini Gallery N.A.
Anthony Trisolini Gallery N.A.
OVST Endowment Student participating in OVST
COFA Visiting Artist Support for visiting artists
McConnaughy Online Gal Server for COFA
Parry/Billman Award Graduate student
Anthony Trisolini Memorial N.A.
Fine Arts Faculty Research N.A.
Black Bear Award Given to one entrant of the Athens Film Festival
The Aesthetics Technology N.A.
Ruth Bradley Fund for Visiting Artists Film artists for the Athens Film Festival





School of Art + Design


Scholarship/Award Name Requirements
Art Discretionary N.A.
Ceramics N.A.
Graphic Design N.A.
Photography N.A.
Printmaking Program N.A.
Richard Clapp Memorial N.A.
Clarence White Lecture N.A.
Mary K Leonard N.A.
Arnold Gassan Photography Undergraduate student
Karen Nulf Scholarship Graphic Design, GPA 3.0
Stanley Blanchard Photography Graduate Photography, GPA 3.0
Harry & Grace Foster Memorial Visual arts
Walter & Sally Greene Memorial Graphic design, GPA 3.25, graduates of Cleveland area HS
Terry Shuchat Photography Photography, GPA 3.0
Kenneth Clifford Memorial Jr. or Sr. Painting or Printmaking
Francis Paulson Memorial Undergrad, Financial Need, Painting, Printmaking, Ceramics
Friends/Trisolini Gallery Graduate student
Charles Logan Smith Memorial Sr. in Graphic Design
LC Mitchell Memorial N.A.
Ceramics Visiting Artist N.A.
Charlotte Orlowski-Eicher Painting, financial need
Elliott Schnackenberg Sr. Photography
Kari Rosenberg Graphic Design
Becca Mead Scholarship Photography
Sue Wall Scholarship Painting, graduate or undergraduate
Martha & Foster Harmon Undergraduate student
John & Francis Hopkins N.A.
Countess Elizabeth Evans Interior Design, GPA 3.0
Marylou Cameron Scholarship Undergrad Interior Architecture, GPA 3.5
Edna Way Scholarship Jr. or Sr., Talent, Academic Achievement, Financial Need
Margaret Brown Krecker Sr., Approved Grad, Painting, Sculpture, Ceramics
Rose Marie Darst Memorial Upperclass female, Basis of Talent, Academic Achievement
Sina Sidwell Rodgers Jr. or Sr. member of Oita Chapter of Delta Phi Delta
Paula Rockoff Handlin Freshman Female Photography
Seigfred Hall Renovations N.A.



School of Interdisciplinary Arts

Scholarship/Award Name Requirements
Earl C Seigfred Award N.A.
IA Discretionary N.A.
IA GTA Dissertation N.A.





Dance Division

Scholarship/Award Name Requirements
Dance Discretionary N.A.
J Langdon Taylor Award VA, publications, scholarship support
Dance-Travel Fund N.A.
Betty Milhendler Modern Dance & Choreography, financial need, GPA 3.3
Bill Cratty Award Male undergraduate, GPA 3.0
Yolanda Molnar Dance N.A.
Margaret Schuette Spend one yr in dance program
Bailin-Stern Award Dance, first yr student
Ruiz/Lewis Memorial Multicultural graduate or undergraduate
Shirley Wimmer Award N.A.
Berman Family Award Financial need, GPA 3.5
H & C Liggett Memorial Spend one yr in dance program


School of Music

Scholarship/Award Name Requirements
Music Discretionary N.A.
Symphony Orchestra N.A.
Athens Community School N.A.
University Bands N.A.
OU Singers N.A.
Opera Theater N.A.
Marching Band Alumni N.A.
Marching Band Fund N.A.
Marching Band Uniforms N.A.
Marching 110 - Major Travel N.A.
Marching 110 Society N.A.
Singing Men of Ohio N.A.
Music School Library N.A.
Helen Ullom Chester Mem Visiting lecturers to School of Music
Helen McKay Endowment N.A.
David Lewis Scholarship Upperclass or graduate student studying clarinet
Music Scholarship N.A.
Houk Marching 110 Award Sophomore or higher, Marching 110, financial need, GPA 3.0
Houk Trombone Award Undergraduate or graduate of trombone choir, financial need
The Moon Scholarship Applied Voice, must audition for scholarship
Pressor Foundation Given at end of Jr. year
Mildred Robbins Kent Voice N.A.
Ralph Ruland Memorial N.A.
Karl Christine Ahrendt N.A.
Carolyn Clutter Orchestral Orchestral Instruments
Carolyn Clutter in Voice Voice Performance
Glidden Endowment Symphony orchestra, GPA 3.0
Marcia Herman String String instrument (violin preference), GPA 3.0
Jud and Frank Lawler Instrumentalist in the Marching 110, 2nd yr band member
Ruby Mercer Vocal music student
Robert & Nancy Roe Participate in Wind Ensemble
John Wesley Kelley Mem Member of musical band
Russell-Gruber Memorial Undergraduate sophomore or higher, member of Marching 110
Klinder Orchestra Undergraduate or graduate, stringed instrument
D'Angelo Undergrad Fellow N.A.
Gilbert Stephenson Music Jr. or Sr. in instrumental or vocal music education
Logan Alum Band/Horsky Students from Logan HS
OU Music Alum & Friends Undergraduate student, financial need, GPA 3.0
James/Margene Stewart Undergraduate in music therapy, financial need, GPA 3.2 and Jr.
Martha Wurtz Memorial Upper class undergraduate in Music Education, choral/vocal emphasis
Mac Bethel Scholarship Undergraduate, studying classical piano or organ
Robert Smith Scholarship Trombone, tuba, euphonium or double bass instrument
Thelma Robinson Therapy Jr. or Sr. in Music Therapy, GPA 3.3
Bessie Bloom Scholarship Undergraduate, academic merit and financial need
McDonald Rest Scholarship N.A.
CC Robinson Memorial N.A.
Saramae Endich Mem N.A.
Sally Comin Kaneshige N.A.
Evangeline Merritt Music Voice or piano
Clyde Thompson Mem Undergraduate in Performance
D&E McVay Music Undergraduate from Athens, Vinton, Hocking, Jackson
Sherwood Hall Music Undergraduate, Applied Music or Theory Composition
Friends of Opera Grad or Undergrad vocal performance, opera
Choral Music Studies University Singers, Choral Union, Singing Men of Ohio, Women's Chorale
Marching Band Endowment Support activities of the Alumni Band, Marching 110
Jane W Huang Memorial Winners of Student Soloist Competition
John/Francis Hopkins 110 Upperclass student in Marching 110 with 45 credits, GPA 3.4
Robert & Nancy Roe Wind N.A.
Ronald Socciarelli N.A.
Music (Dohnanyi) N.A.
H Westcott Roach N.A.
Sylvia Moore Farson N.A.
Music Talent Award N.A.
Sammy Kaye N.A.
Marlene/James Bruning Opera Graduate vocal performance major, opera studies
Allan W. Zinn Memorial N.A.
Jeanne Shull Scholarship Undergraduate in Violin, Viola, Cello and/or Bass
Guy & Marilyn Remonko Undergraduate, financial need
Ronald W Scott Scholarship Entering freshman or transfer student
Noel Sayre Memorial Scholarship Undergraduate with violin as a major instrument
Friends of Opera at Ohio N.A.
David E. Durham Scholarship Sr. undergrad, from Dayton, OH, Montgomery County,GPA 3.0
Ira Zook Memorial in Voice No guidelines yet
William Hilyard Family Scholarship GPA 3.0, financial need
Evelyn L. Houk Trombone Choir Jr., Sr. or graduate student, trombone choir, GPA 2.5



Theater Division


Scholarship/Award Name Requirements
Theater Discretionary N.A.
Theater Faculty N.A.
OU Theater Production N.A.
Theater Internship Support N.A.
Scott McPherson's Writing Undergraduate in Dramatic Writing Program
Robert Byrne Scholarship Undergraduate or grad at Monomoy Theater
Distinguished Visiting Artist Bringing in distinguished visiting artist
Amanda Talcott Garry Jr. or Sr. undergraduate
Martha/Foster Harmon Graduate student in acting, directing, scene design, lighting, costume
Virginia Hahn Scholarship Undergraduate or graduate in acting or directing
Robert Henning Scholarship Undergraduate
L&E Rollins Endowed Undergraduate on internship with a professional theater company
Monomoy Theater Alumni N.A.
Anthony Trisolini Undergrad N.A.
Pritchard-McDonough Jr. student, GPA 3.0
Laurel Lea Schaefer N.A.
B&C Kaufman Scholarship United States Citizen, undergraduate, GPA in Theater 3.3
Gino Cline Memorial Graduate student participating in OVST
C&C Lane Memorial Undergaduate or graduate participating at Monomoy Theater
Elizabeth Baker Theater students participating at Monomoy Theater
Robin Lacy Memorial Stage design and lighting
Dean Irma Voigt N.A.
OVST Scholarship N.A.
Elizabeth Wright Female freshman or sophomore previously given award
Denny Dalen Scholarship Sr. graduating with BFA in Theater Performance
Martha & Foster Harmon N.A.
She Writes Plays! Undergraduate or graduate women, U.S. citizen, financial need, GPA 3.4
Bitsy Merriman Scholarship Undergraduate, financial need, GPA 3.0, minority student
Endowment Fund for Monomoy General support for Monomoy Theater




Film Division


Scholarship/Award Name Requirements
Film Discretionary N.A.
Peterson Sound Studio N.A.
Betty Thomas Film Award N.A.
High Noon Internship Graduate in all aspects of Television Production