Women's, Gender, and Sexuality Studies

Graduate Certificate

The interdisciplinary graduate certificate in Women's, Gender, and Sexuality Studies introduces students to a wide range of theoretical and practical perspectives on gender and sexuality and provides an excellent complement to the wide array of graduate degrees offered at Ohio University. 

Certificate students may be enrolled in any M.A. or Ph.D. program at the university.

Information packets are available at the WWomen's, Gender, and Sexuality Studies Program offices, 31 S. Court St. Please go to the Advising page on this web site, or contact the Women's, Gender, and Sexuality Studies faculty advisor, Kim Little, for more information.

See OU Catalog page.


The graduate certificate requires four courses, including:

  • WGSS 5890: Graduate Seminar in Feminist Theory

  • Three graduate-level courses from our core graduate and cross-listed course offerings. Two of these courses must be outside your major field. See list of approved courses below.

If you think a course that isn't listed here might count for WGSS credit, ask the WGSS faculty advisor how to proceed.

AH 5111 The Representation and Theorization of Gender in the History of Art
ANTH 5450 Gender in Cross-Cultural Perspective
ANTH 5490 Life History: The Individual and Culture
CFS 5600 Children, Family, Diversity
CLWR 5450 Women in Buddhism
COMS 6230 Gender and Communication
COMS 6240 Communication in the Family
COMS 8330 Feminist Rhetorical Theory
ECON 5220 Economics of Human Resources
GEOG 5270 Social Geographies
GEOG 5450 Gender, Environment, and Development
GEOG 6430 Gender and Development
HIST 5200 Women in American History Before 1877
HIST 5201 Women in American History Since 1877
HIST 5202 Women's Health and Medicine in U.S. History
HIST 5390 Women in African History
HIST 5540 History of Early Christianity
HIST 5555 Women in Medieval Europe
HIST 5600 Women in Early Modern European History, 1400-1800
HIST 5601 Women in Modern European History, 1800-present
HIST 5715 Sex, Crime and Deviance in Europe, 1200-1800
IART 7502 Performance Studies:The Body
JOUR 5130: Gender, Race, and Class in Journalism and Mass Media
MDIA 5175 Media and Sexual Representation
POLS 5067 Women and Politics
POLS 5190 Gay and Lesbian Politics
POLS 5210 The Politics of Law and Sexuality
POLS 5740 Sexuality and Queer Theories
POLS 5752 The Politics of Intersectionality
POLS 5780 Feminist Political Theories and Movements
SASM 5000 Women in Sports
SOC 5220 The American Family System
SOC 5670 Violence Against Women
SOC 5700 Sociology of Gender
SOC 5710 Gender and Justice
WGSS 5100 Global Feminisms
WGSS 5110 Women and Globalization
WGSS 5500 Advanced Feminist Theory
WGSS 5600 Gender, Sexuality, and Culture
WGSS 5610 Queer Theory
WGSS 5900 Special Topics
WGSS 5930 Independent Reading (offered at instructor's discretion)