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Benefits and Scholarships


Monthly Stipend for Juniors and Seniors

All cadets in their junior and senior year in the program and entitled to a tax-free stipend starting at $450 each month.

Air Force Officer Pay and Benefits

As a young Second Lieutenant on active duty, you can expect a starting salary and benefits around $50,000.00 right out of college. Other benefits Air Force officers receive include free medical care, free housing, tuition assistance to continue your education, and other free services for you and your dependents. You will also see pay increases throughout your career with each promotion you receive.


High School Scholarship Opportunities

Ohio University Air Force ROTC offers a number of scholarship opportunities. The High School Scholarship Program (HSSP) offers nationally competitive scholarships for high school seniors. Scholarship applications are due in January.

More about scholarships, requirements, and application processes

College Student Scholarship Opportunities

For current college students, scholarships are available, but competitive. Cadets who have completed at least one semester in the program may become eligible to receive a scholarship. The AROTC scholarships cover tuition, annual books fees, and a monthly tax-free stipend of $300 to $500, depending on the academic year. While some AFROTC scholarships specifically for students pursing careers in Nursing, AFROTC scholarships can be offered to students of any major. However, most AFROTC scholarships are awarded to cadets pursing degrees in STEM fields based on their high demand in the Air Force. 

more information about eligibility, requirements, type and a list of highly desired majors