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Vector Solutions Online Prevention Learning Modules

The Sexual Assault Prevention for Graduate Students and Hazing Prevention* courses are available to all incoming graduate and doctoral students attending classes at the Athens and regional campuses, as well as those taking courses online. Sexual Assault Prevention for Graduate Students aims to reduce the prevalence of sexual assault on college campuses by equipping students with prevention strategies.

Students are required to complete two online courses from Vector Solutions:

  1. Sexual Assault Prevention for Graduate Students
  2. Hazing Prevention*

These courses will be launched in early August. Once the courses are launched, you will receive email communication from Vector Solutions regarding how to access your course. 

*Hazing Prevention must be completed if students are new to Ohio University as required by state law and university policy. This module is not reoccurring and only needs to be completed once while attending Ohio University.

Check your OHIO Catmail for more information and instructions. Once the courses are launched, you can access the Vector Dashboard to view and complete assignments.

About the Courses

Sexual Assault Prevention and Hazing Prevention are online education courses offered to all graduate students at Ohio University. Vector Online Modules incorporate evidence-based methods to empower students to make well-informed decisions that will contribute to a safe campus environment for everyone. You'll find the courses interesting and get you involved. They include instant feedback, video clips, and comparisons to other college students.

To complete these courses, ensure you're using a computer with audio capabilities and internet connectivity.

After your courses are assigned, you can access them via your Vector Dashboard.

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