Megan Westervelt

Megan Westervelt, portrait
Chief Video Producer, Barbara Geralds Institute for Storytelling and Social Impact
Scripps Hall, Athens Campus

Megan Westervelt is a visual storyteller, educator, and researcher in media for social change. She studied photojournalism and later immersive storytelling and interactive design at Ohio University, where she currently teaches as an adjunct instructor. As a previous Fulbright scholar, she worked in Yasuní National Park, Ecuador, on a collaborative project with indigenous Waorani communities to create a joint visual storytelling exhibition about the changing culture and environment of the Amazonian region, entitled Wao Mimo. Megan has most recently launched the non-profit organization InitialEyes that will empower other indigenous communities globally to visually tell their own stories and create change within their communities to forward biocultural conservation.