Raja Das

Raja Das
Schoonover 216

Raja Das or ‘Raj’ is a second-year doctoral student and a Scripps Howard Teaching Fellow at the E.W. Scripps School of Journalism.

He is an Instructor of Record for JOUR 3140 Fundamentals of Online Journalism course. He taught JOUR 2050 News & Information Literacy course in the last two semesters.

Raj groomed his leadership quality since high school and has remained one of the best contingents for Debate and Elocution during his college and university life in India. His love for debate on issues concerning public life has led him to pursue Journalism for his future career.

During his double masters in mass communication and journalism from India, Raj also worked as a stringer for ‘The Telegraph’ for five years. He takes keen interest in studying prevailing media content and its influences on audiences.

In the first one year of his PhD, Raj presented two papers at AEJMC conference relating to hate speech issues which is going to be a part of his broader study for the PhD dissertation. He is also working on a proposal to study how US and Indian media represents the legal aspects of hate speech incidents and how audiences perceive the same in the context of media literacy.

He has experience working with various governmental and non-governmental organizations like UNICEF, Commonwealth Secretariat, Indian Ministry of Information and Broadcasting, and Ministry of Health and Family Welfare. He also worked on research projects with regional and international higher educational institutions like Gauhati University and UCLA.

In his free time, Raj loves to watch news talk shows, and cricket matches. He also loves to play cricket both on the field and on mobile.