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Innovation Scholars

Graphic showing the expectations of an innovator: Analyze and refine; be curious; persist; make contact; see connections; solve problems

We created the Scripps Innovation Scholars program to give students the chance to unleash their innovative spirit. This is a program for bold, curious problem-solvers who are passionate about making positive change in their world. 

Program Benefits

Scripps Innovation Scholars receive:

  • A $1,500 scholarship renewable for four years.
  • $1,000 to use toward enrichment activities over the four-year experience.
  • Early, personalized access to the college's outstanding, supportive network. 
  • Mentorship opportunities with top faculty members. The first Innovation Scholars course is taught by Dean Scott Titsworth!
  • Entry into a cohort of other high-achieving, creative students whose interests complement each other.

As OHIO Honors students, Innovation Scholars also receive:

  • Access to honors housing
  • Priority registration
  • Honors designation on transcripts and diplomas
  • Other benefits offered by the OHIO Honors program

Program Overview

Year One: Explore

  • Fall Semester: Innovation Scholars will meet weekly with the dean of the Scripps College of Communication and other college leaders in a course called "Introduction to Communication Innovation"
    • Complete readings and reflections
    • Engage with guest speakers including faculty, alumni and students
    • Collaborate on service learning projects and student mentorship opportunities
  • Spring Semester: OHIO Honors course and Engagement Lab
    • Regular check-ins with the dean and mentors to further develop innovation skills

Year Two: Plan

  • Innovation Scholars will work closely with their mentors to determine the course of their innovation pathway. This will mean identifying a focus, gathering and conducting research, identifying potential barriers and how to get around them, and creating an actionable plan.
  • OHIO Honors component involves exploring the three program pathways: community engagement, research and creative activity, and leadership. Students will complete two curricular experiences and two co-curricular experiences in any pathway and select a pathway concentration at the end of spring semester.

Year Three: Produce

  • By now, Innovation Scholars will have learned to see their world through a lens of innovation; they'll be ready to share what they're learning with their project teammates and as mentors to first- and second-year Innovation Scholars. They will spend year three making the most of their access to resources and experts, conducting research, and working their problem.

Year Four: Share

  • The final year of the Innovation Scholars experience will be dedicated to the capstone project, which will allow students to summarize and share what they have learned. This is also a year to celebrate everything they have accomplished, with special events and exclusive networking opportunities designed to prepare our Innovation Scholars for their next chapter.