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Strategic Communication Management

Strategic Communication Management

Designed to prepare you to oversee advertising and public relations programs in a professional context, this certificate provides a holistic view of the perspectives, theories, and communication skills you'll need to succeed in a communication manager position. Expect engaging coursework combined with practical application and training. You'll come away with the skills, confidence and expertise to lead a team, whether you're working with in-house or external agencies. You can earn this certificate as a stand-alone credential or combine it with other coursework to pursue an online master's degree in communication or organizational communication.


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for Ohio residents

Who should apply?

This certificate is ideal for communication professionals who are looking to advance in their roles. Specific positions might include:

  • Communication managers
  • Social media managers
  • Account managers or strategists
  • Digital managers
  • Project managers
  • Public relations representatives

OHIO Online Incentive Scholarships are available to OHIO alumni, as well as employees of our 50+ corporate partners, military active duty, and veterans. The 15% scholarship applies to instructional, program, and non-resident fees.

Required Courses

  • COMM 5018: Strategic Management Seminar - Learn to use strategic thinking to create messaging and delivery plans.
  • JOUR 5820: Strategic Communication Management - Examine and apply theories and concepts employed in a contemporary professional setting. 
  • COMM 5800: Strategic Communication Fundamentals - Learn how to manage a strategic communication account.
  • COMM 5830: Media Planning Fundamentals - You'll assess and critique comprehensive media plans in various contexts in addition to developing your own media plan. 

Apply Now

Note that course offerings vary by term. To ensure that you complete the certificate in your desired timeline, contact program advisor Laura Costa dos Santos to create a certificate plan.

Here to Help

Laura Costa dos Santos

Laura Costa dos Santos, program advisor in the Scripps College of Communication, can assist you with the application process. You can reach out to Laura any time with questions. We look forward to hearing from you!