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Digital Media Transformation & Innovation

Digital Media Transformation & Innovation

Digital transformation and innovation are at the heart of media businesses, but as we move into the future digital expertise and innovation are becoming vital for an ever-wider range of organizations across industries. This certificate is designed to help you navigate and lead your organization through the evolving digital media landscape. You’ll develop the skills you need to provide analysis, insight and leadership on digital media projects across industries. You can earn this certificate as a stand-alone credential or combine it with other coursework to pursue a master's degree in communication.

The Student Experience

"The program was flexible and I was able to work on my schedule, instructors were also flexible and great to work with. I was actually able to use the projects for two of the classes to build on each other and model them after and help inform a real-life project I was working on. Having the additional peer feedback and instructor feedback helped me think more holistically about my approach to my actual work project and informed the direction of some of the activities I implemented with my team."

-Melissa Weaver
Information Technology Service Owner, Syracuse, Ohio


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Who should apply?

The certificate is intended to serve early to mid-career professionals in media businesses as well as managers in other types of organizations. If your responsibilities involve digital media for organizational and strategic communication, or you’re hoping to develop the skills that would land you that job, contact us to learn more about this program.

OHIO Online Incentive Scholarships are available to OHIO alumni, as well as employees of our 50+ corporate partners, military active duty, and veterans. The 15% scholarship applies to instructional, program, and non-resident fees.

Required Courses

  • MDIA 5610/COMM 5610: Assessing Digital Media Transformation & Innovation - Work on implementing innovative digital media solutions through critical analysis of new technologies and the real-world benefits of disruptive media. Focus on networking, peer-evaluation, and media-centric business models.
  • MDIA 5611/COMM 5611: Leading Digital Media Transformation & Innovation in Organizations - This course is devoted to the practices that sustain a culture of continuous digital media transformation and innovation. Learn about communicating effectively across groups, building trust within and among organizations, and assessing readiness for digital media transformation.
  • JOUR 5812/COMM 5812: Promoting Digital Media Transformation & Innovation - This final course in the certificate involves testing the essential components of promoting digital media transformation. Focus on understanding reactions to the proposed transformation and developing strategies to successfully market the idea to relevant stakeholders.

Apply Now

Note that course offerings vary by term. To ensure that you complete the certificate in your desired timeline, contact program advisor Laura Costa dos Santos to create a certificate plan.

Here to Help

Laura Costa dos Santos

Laura Costa dos Santos, program advisor in the Scripps College of Communication, can assist you with the application process. You can reach out to Laura any time with questions. We look forward to hearing from you!