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Crisis Communication

Crisis Communication

It is an unfortunate fact that crisis communication lessons can be learned almost every day in our world. Bad things happen. Being prepared with effective communication before, during and after can lessen the negative impact of those bad things. The crisis communication graduate certificate from the Scripps College of Communication will prepare you to guide your organization and communicate before, within, and after a crisis using industry-proven crisis communication techniques and social media. Become the person your organization turns to when the next crisis hits.

The Student Experience 

"My experience with the crisis communication certificate program has been nothing short of superb, and I would not hesitate to recommend it to anyone considering a career in government communications. The program’s real-world, tradecraft-over-textbook approach to communications is an immeasurable benefit.

Flexible online course schedules and knowledgeable, field-experienced faculty demonstrate the University’s commitment to ensuring that students grow as much professionally through this program as they do academically."

-Josh Holder, Public Communications Coordinator
Seminole County, Florida

Crisis Communication workshop October 30

Register for this one-day, virtual workshop to earn one credit hour toward the Crisis Communication certificate and gain valuable foundational knowledge in crisis planning.


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Who should apply?

Because crisis situations impact all areas of an organization, this certificate benefits people in every role—from leaders and communicators to those just getting started in their careers. You’ll learn how to plan for a crisis and help your peers, partners and stakeholders weather a crisis and emerge stronger. Specific fields might include:

  • Law enforcement
  • Healthcare
  • Education administration
  • Public service
  • Politics
  • Public relations

A 5% scholarship is available for alumni and military service members

Required Courses

  • COMM 5011: Crisis Communication Workshop - Learn about crisis types and develop a crisis communication plan.
  • COMM 5300: Crisis Communication and Planning - Learn to recognize, communicate and operate within a crisis and to recover from the crisis.
  • COMM 5310: Crisis Communication Strategy - Focus on communicating with speed, accuracy and credibility, and learn how to monitor information and prevail with the truth in a crisis.
  • COMM 5320: Social Analytics in Crisis Communication - Learn how to collect, analyze and present social data from a crisis situation to ensure resiliency and timely crisis management. 

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Paula Linscott

Paula Linscott, Senior Partnerships Manager in the Scripps College of Communication, can assist you with the application process. You can reach out to Paula any time with questions. We look forward to hearing from you!