Omnya Abd-elwahab

Omnya Abd-elwahab
337 Schoonover

A filmmaker, researcher, lecturer and a Media Arts PhD candidate at Ohio University (OU). Her philosophy about media arts is that it is our gateway to study the human communication through film and interactive media. It is applying motion image, light, sound and color creatively to our own perspective to create films and expressing ideas based on scientific researches.

Omnya has directed and produced many short movies that are awarded in many international film festivals. Her movies always revolve around human issues. She has lectured for 5 years on film, media, and integrated marketing communications. She has 10+ years of practical experience with production houses and advertising agencies. Her research interests are in sociocultural issues and how media affects societies. She is also a mother who is enjoying raising a beautiful son.

Her favorite quote is:

“Media and film provide an opportunity to marry the power of ideas with the power of images.”