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A message of support from Dean Titsworth

Late Friday, Director of the E. W. Scripps School of Journalism, Dr. Eddith Dashiell, and I were made aware of a social media post by a faculty member who expressed her opinions on accusations of sexual harassment against another faculty member in the school. Several students, colleagues, and alumni expressed concern that the post was insensitive to the complainants in the sexual harassment cases. Please know that the posted comments of this faculty member do not represent the position of the College or the University.  

We respect every individual’s right to free speech and will take every reasonable measure to ensure that members of our community can voice opinions in a proper way and without fear of retaliation. We also recognize that there are potential repercussions from exercising those rights, and in this particular instance we will take every reasonable measure to support our students and colleagues who were offended, angered, or frustrated by the social media post.  

Furthermore, we want all stakeholders to know that the School and College are resolute in supporting survivors of sexual harassment and sexual violence. I implore all students, faculty, and staff in the College to stand together with a shared understanding that sexual harassment of any type will never be tolerated. We want every member of our community to be aware of the many pathways available to report sexual misconduct at Ohio University, and we encourage them to do so. Visit this link for additional information and resources. Moreover, the University has posted a statement reaffirming the commitment of our community to end sexual misconduct; please read that statement here.