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Ohio University reaffirms commitment to end sexual misconduct

Published: February 8, 2021 Author: Staff reports

Ohio University takes all allegations of sexual misconduct seriously and investigates these matters thoroughly. The personal safety and welfare of our students and the campus community are our top priorities, and equitable measures are taken to ensure any and all complaints are handled appropriately.

The Yusuf Kalyango matter is ongoing, and the University is not currently able to comment on the details of the proceedings due to provisions within the faculty handbook. However, it is important for the University community to understand that the recommendation of the Faculty Senate committee is only one step in a multi-step process and does not necessarily define the final outcome of any detenuring review. The Ohio University Board of Trustees, as the ultimate decision maker in this process, is currently working on a schedule and procedure to consider the matter and the Faculty Senate recommendation.

Throughout this entire process, we have demonstrated and will continue to demonstrate our commitment to protect the safety and wellbeing of our students, faculty, and staff; to provide a learning and working environment that is free from sexual misconduct; and to hold all members of our community accountable to these values.