Eva Liu

Eva Liu
312 Schoonover

Eva Liu is a PhD student in Mass Communication (Media Studies Track) at Ohio University. She earned her M.A. in Gender Studies from the Chinese University of Hong Kong and her Bachelor of Social Science in Communication with a minor in Sociology from Hong Kong Baptist University.

Her research interests lie in feminist media studies, digital activism, popular culture and fandom studies. Her dissertation explores the process of producing local feminist discourse, identities and knowledge in contemporary China. She has won the Outstanding Teaching Assistant Honorable Mention and Outstanding Research Award from the School of Media Arts and Studies in Spring 2023.


Han, L. & Liu, Y. (2023). #MeToo Activism without the #MeToo Hashtag: Online Debates over Entertainment Celebrities' Sexual Scandals in China. Feminist Media Studies. https://doi.org/10.1080/14680777.2023.2219857.

Selected Conference Presentations

Liu, Y. (2023 June). "Playing With The Romance (un)critically: Love Fantasy, Feminism and Otome Gamers In China." Paper presented at Console-ing Passions 2023, the University of Calgary. 22-24 June 2023.

Liu, Y. (2023 March). “'Women Can(not) Have it All in Academia': Neoliberal Feminism and Female PhD Digital Influencers in China." Paper presented at the Conference “After Nora Walks Out”: The Struggles and the Future of Chinese Feminism, the New School for Social Research. 4 March 2023.

Liu, Y. (2022 October). "Let’s Queer the Theatres: Performing Industries and Musical Fandom after Covid-19." Paper Presented at the Fan Studies Network - North America 2022. 13-16 October 2022 

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