Quang Nguyen

Quang Nguyen
207 Schoonover

Quang Nguyen, originally from Hanoi, Vietnam, is a returning student at Ohio University, where he previously earned his Master's degree in Financial Economics in 2007 as a Fulbright Scholar. His research interests encompass a diverse range of interdisciplinary fields, including strategic communication, corporate intelligence, artificial intelligence, public health and social media. Notably, he specializes in the examination of the impact of machine learning on strategic communication, with a recent focus on the implications of Generative AI within mass communication, particularly its integration into the marketing communication industry.

Quang holds a Bachelor's degree in International Relations from the Institute for International Relations (Vietnam, 2000) and later pursued a master's degree in financial economics at Ohio University. His master's thesis delved into a comprehensive exploration of economic innovation processes and the opening of financial markets in Vietnam.

Prior to embarking on his doctoral journey in mass communication at Ohio University, Quang boasts nearly two decades of professional experience, occupying managerial roles in non-profit organizations, public policy research agencies, state-owned enterprises, the private sector, and higher education teaching in Vietnam. His areas of expertise encompass advertising, public relations, media relations, and strategic communication for public administration, business and financial management, as well as educational development.

Quang has garnered numerous accolades and scholarships from esteemed institutions, including the Sweden International Development Agency (2004), International Visitor Leadership Program (Department of State, United States, 2004), and the Fulbright Scholarship (United States, 2005).

In his leisure moments, Quang enjoys learning and practicing photography, listening to jazz and classical music, and reading novels.