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Student Organizations


The Scripps College of Communication's student organizations connect you with students who share your interests and with the industry you want to enter. They also provide you with opportunities to gain practical experience that will help you when it’s time to find an internship or begin your search for your first job after graduation. And because they send a representative to the Scripps College of Communication’s Council of Student Organizations, they also give you a voice in campus affairs and college policies.

Student Organizations

Affiliated Organizations

1804 Communications

Previously ImPRessions, 1804 Communications is an entirely student-run public relations firm based in Athens, Ohio. The firm operates as a subsidiary of the Hugh M. Culbertson chapter of the Public Relations Student Society of America (PRSSA) at Ohio University’s E.W. Scripps School of Journalism. 1804 Communications is also a PRSSA Nationally Affiliated student-run firm through PRSSA National’s standards. This year, we have merged with ThumbPrint, the advertising agency on campus to align with what is happening in the industry. This will improve the experience of our members and give them a breadth of opportunities that were not available to them before.

The most important function of 1804 Communications is to provide students at Ohio University with professional experience that will prepare them for future internships and employment opportunities. 1804 will serve clients on the national and regional levels as well as local clients in Athens. 1804 Communications provides organizations with full communications and marketing services free of charge. Our professional and knowledgeable students are wowing clients year after year with their dedication, passion and creativity.

President - Allison Arnold, aa288313@ohio.edu
Faculty Advisor - Daniel Farkas, farkasd@ohio.edu

All-Campus Radio Network Media (ACRN)

ACRN Media is a media group on campus centered around an Internet 24/7 college-rock radio station. We produce audio and visual content, host talkcasts and specialty shows, DJ at events on and off campus, and write about all things media.

Organization Email - air4acrn@gmail.com
President - Samuel Tornow, st306714@ohio.edu
Faculty Advisor - Greg Newton, newtong@ohio.edu

Website: acrn.com
Facebook: facebook.com/ACRNRockLobster
Twitter: @ACRN

AMplified Communication

AMplified Communication is a full service public relations, media and event planning organization. Our mission is to connect and expose student brands at Ohio University and throughout Ohio in the industries of art, entertainment, entrepreneurship and lifestyle. We want our clients to gain full potential of their brand’s exposure and positive recall right now and in the future. Uniquely, AMplified will integrate media platforms in campaign and branding strategies. All clients will be college-aged students, looking to create and build their personal brand. Helping these students effectively reach their goals will be their colleagues who are looking for experience in brand development. Our organization is based on a value of “students helping students.”

President - Shyann Williams, sw139212@ohio.edu
Faculty Advisor - Luke Pittaway, pittaway@ohio.edu

Website: amplifiedou.wordpress.com/
Facebook: facebook.com/AmplifiedCommunication/timeline
Twitter: @AmplifiedOU

AVW Productions

AVW Productions is a completely student-run video and multimedia production group at Ohio University. We believe students have the right to create their visions. From television to YouTube, and from Vimeo to iTunes, our content spans across nearly every medium.

Organization Email - info@avwproductions.com
President - Gabriella Tagliaferri, gt033414@ohio.edu
Faculty Advisor - Gabriella Tagliaferri, schaffej@ohio.edu

Facebook: facebook.com/avwproductions
Twitter: @AVWProductions

Association for Women in Communication (AWC)

AWC is a professional organization that champions the advancement of women across all communications disciplines by recognizing excellence, promoting leadership and positioning its members at the forefront of the evolving communications era.

Organization Email - ohiouawc@gmail.com
President - Jody Ganschinietz, jg323814@ohio.edu
Faculty Advisor - Eddith Dashiell, dashiell@ohio.edu

Facebook: facebook.com/OUAWC
Twitter: @OhioU_AWC

Backdrop Magazine – Scripps Magazine Society

Backdrop is an award-winning life and style publication by students for students. Our magazine represents the iconic flavor of college life, with Ohio University and Athens as our backdrop. It informs, intrigues, entertains and reflects its readers in the Athens community. We cover current issues, style, culture and the feeling of college life as we live it.

Organization Email - backdropmag@gmail.com
Editor - Julie Ciotola, jc110715@ohio.edu
Managing editor - Ally Lanasa, lanasa.ally@gmail.com

Website: backdropmagazine.com/
Facebook: facebook.com/backdropmagazine
Twitter: @BackdropMag

Black Student Communications Caucus (BSCC)

Utilizing communication as a powerful tool, the mission of the Black Student Communications Caucus (BSCC) is to encourage personal/professional development and increase participation on the Ohio University Campus and in the Athens community.

President - Kalila Bell, kb740513@ohio.edu
Faculty Advisor - Kelly Davidson, davidsok@ohio.edu

Twitter: @OU_BSCC

Brick City Records

Brick City Records is Ohio University’s premier record label and focuses on providing students real world experience in multiple aspects of the recording and music industry. Brick City is operated by School of Media Arts & Studies students and works with musicians to provide recording, promotion, distribution, publicity, and concert booking services. Each year, Brick City produces and distributes new releases for a select number of artists, culminating in a large release concert in April.

Organization Email - brickcityOU@gmail.com
Faculty Advisor - Nicholas Antonuccio, antonucn@ohio.edu

Website: brickcityrec.com
Facebook: facebook.com/BrickCityRec
Twitter: @brickcityrec


Ed2010 is an organization for young journalists interested in the field of magazine journalism. The main goal is to connect members with those in the magazine industry with discussions and meetings with the professionals.

President – Sydney Otto, so828613@ohio.edu
Faculty Advisor - Elizabeth Hendrickson, hendrice@ohio.edu

Facebook: facebook.com/Ed2010OU?fref=ts
Twitter: @ed2010_OhioU

FANGLE Magazine

FANGLE is a print and weekly online magazine on the Athens campus, produced by Ohio University students for the Ohio University and Athens community. At FANGLE, we are excited about the world around us and we want to translate this excitement into our writing. FANGLE challenges its staff and readers to think outside the box, to find new angles to traditional stories and present unique perspectives to our audience. We at FANGLE look to break the “sphere” and bring awareness to stories beyond the Athens and OU scope, with hope in bringing information and starting conversations in daily life.

Organization Email - fanglemag@gmail.com
President - Raichel Jenkins, rj790813@ohio.edu
Faculty Advisor - Hans Meyer, meyerh@ohio.edu

Website: fanglemagazine.com
Facebook: facebook.com/fanglemag?fref=ts
Twitter: @fanglemag

Ohio University Game Developers Association

The purpose of this organization shall be to work as a group on improving the game development skills of students at Ohio University. Through individual and team based projects, occasional special weekend events, and finally through one-on-one tutoring, the organization works on preparing students for life in the industry, as well as building portfolio’s.

President – Kieffer Wilson, kw449115@ohio.edu
Faculty Advisor - John Bowditch, bowditch@ohio.edu

Website: ohiougda.weebly.com
Facebook: facebook.com/ougda
Twitter: @ohiougda

Her Campus Ohio U

We are an online publication that issues new content weekly. We not only produce content but we plan events, fundraising and community service opportunities.

Organization Email - hercampusohiou@gmail.com
President - Meghan O'Dea, md151114@ohio.edu
Faculty Advisor - Hugh Martin, martinh1@ohio.edu

Website: hercampus.com/school/ohio-u
Facebook: facebook.com/HerCampusOhioU?fref=ts
Twitter: @hercampusohiou

Jettison Magazine

This publication jettisons traditional media, acting as leftist commentary magazine that combines art and journalism and is dedicated to artists, poets and thinkers alike.

President - Hope Roberts, hr503815@ohio.edu
Faculty Advisor - Robert Benz, benz@ohio.edu

Website: jettisonmag.com
Facebook: facebook.com/jettisonmag?ref=hl

National Communication Association Student Club (NCASC)

NCASC is an organization dedicated to helping students develop professional skills that they will be able to take with them into the workforce after graduation. One of our main focuses is networking. We give members the opportunity to meet and discuss future internship and career opportunities with professionals in their field of study. We also create connections with Bobcat alumni, hold interviewing workshops, help students improve their resumes, and many other opportunities.

President - Colleen Clunn, cc265212@ohio.edu

Twitter: @OU_NCASC

National Press Photographer Association Ohio University (NPPA)

The NPPA is the leading voice advocating for the work of visual journalists today. Our education initiatives seek to equip our members and prepare the emerging generation of visual journalists in the face of an ever-changing media landscape.

President - Elisabeth Moughon, em642715@ohio.edu
Faculty Advisor - Marcia Nighswander, nighswam@ohio.edu

Facebook: facebook.com/groups/4911479129

Ohio Sports Broadcasting Club

Bobcat Multimedia Group is an outlet for radio and TV play-by-play announcers, color commentators, sideline reporters and sports show hosts to meet, discuss and practice the profession.

President - Lukas Moore, lm169715@ohio.edu
Faculty Advisor - Robert Stewart, stewartr@ohio.edu

Ohio University Immersive Media Association (OUIMA)

The Ohio University Immersive Media Association (OUIMA) is a group dedicated to teaching individuals how to work with and develop projects within the new fields of virtual reality, augmented reality, 360 video, 360 audio, motion capture, light field cameras, and other new technologies through the IMI in Scripps Hall.

President - James Edelstein, je844314@ohio.edu
Faculty Advisor - Eric Williams, eric.williams.2@ohio.edu

Facebook: facebook.com/groups/725455620926935

Ohio University Multimedia Society

The Ohio University Multimedia Society is a collaborative group of students from all disciplines within Ohio University. Our group is composed of members ranging from the freshman to senior classes with all levels of experience. All undergraduate and graduate students are welcome and encouraged to join.

We have weekly meetings highlighted by group officer presentations, Google hangouts with industry professionals, and a compiling database of inspiration, tutorials, and multimedia firm locations. OUMS works to keep its members updated on the latest digital trends at our weekly meetings by talking about the latest design news or sharing new inspiration. We also take networking trips to cities like New York, Chicago, and Washington D.C. We’ve visited places like Tumblr, New York Times Interactive, Wondersauce, and NPR.

Organization Email - ohioums@gmail.com
President - Grace Ziemke, gz537315@ohio.edu
Faculty Advisor - Sam Girton, girton@ohio.edu

Website: ohioums.com/
Facebook: facebook.com/groups/125795230827588
Twitter: @ohioums

Public Relations Student Society of America (PRSSA)

Our main goal is to offer members beneficial relationships with public relations practitioners that facilitate the learning, acquiring and development of professional skills -supplemented by educational knowledge- to be applied in everyday decisions.

We meet every Monday at 6 p.m. in Alden Library’s Friends of the Library room, and have weekly professional speakers to add in-person networking opportunities for our members. Our chapter prides its self on providing essential real-world experience matched with up-to-date educational tools in order to best prepare our members to be the best communicators post-graduation.

Organization Email - scrippsprssa@gmail.com
President - Taylor Dilley, td495813@ohio.edu
Faculty Advisor - Daniel Farkas, farkasd@ohio.edu

Website: scrippsprssa.org
Twitter: @ScrippsPRSSA

Scripps Hispanic Network

Scripps Hispanic Network is an outlet dedicated to provide advancement for Hispanic-journalism students, and those interested in Spanish-speaking communication fields. SHN is an organization aims to offer networking opportunities inside and outside of Ohio University, workshops and academic events for aspiring journalists to learn and network. We also work to expand the understanding of cultural identity in the interest of Hispanic communication students.

Organization Email - scrippshn@gmail.com
President - Kristopher Perez, kp105814@ohio.edu
Faculty Advisor - Michael Rodriguez, rodrigum@ohio.edu

Website: scrippshispanicnetwork.org
Facebook: facebook.com/scrippshispanicnetwork
Twitter: @scrippshnet

Society of Photographic Illustrators (SPI)

The Society of Photographic Illustrators (SPI) is a student-run organization founded in 2004. It is comprised of mostly Visual Communication students seeking opportunities to learn about the commercial photography field outside of the classroom. Club activities include workshops, demos, professional speakers, constructive group critique, a yearly showcase, a yearly printed publication of student work (the "SPI Book"), and other activities aimed at developing student photographer's knowledge and expanding their experience.

President - Kelly Wallace, kw009413@ohio.edu
Faculty Advisor - Gary Kirksey, kirksey@ohio.edu

Website: ohio.edu/viscom
Facebook: facebook.com/Society-of-Photographic-Illustrators-SPI-Ohio-University-156726367709826

Ohio University Society of Professional Journalists (OU SPJ)

OU SPJ is the Ohio University chapter of the Society of Professional Journalists, a national organization dedicated to the practice of journalism and high ethical standards for journalists. OU SPJ is a great organization to be involved with as an aspiring journalist as we offer many networking opportunities in and outside of OHIO, workshops that all student journalists can learn from, meetings with several high profile visiting speakers, leadership opportunities for students at any point in their academic career and much more.

Organization Email - ohiouspj@gmail.com
President - Maddie Capron, mc055914@ohio.edu
Faculty Advisor - Nerissa Young, youngn2@ohio.edu

Website: ouspj.wordpress.com
Facebook: www.facebook.com/OUSPJ
Twitter: @OUSPJ

Spoon University-OU

Spoon University is an online food and lifestyle community where college students have a chance to come together and share anything their little foodie heart desires. Whether you want to write about the newest spaghetti pie recipe you saw on Pinterest, or are just eager to share healthy dorm food tips, Spoon University has a place for you!

President - Mary Carter, mc648014@ohio.edu
Faculty Advisor - Theresa Moran, morant@ohio.edu

Website: spoonuniversity.com/chapter/ohiou
Facebook: facebook.com/groups/1097974650247045

The New Political

The New Political provides honest, independent coverage of politics and political issues by lending a comprehensive, alternative voice to Southeast Ohio’s online, multimedia presence. The New Political is much more than a politically exclusive publication — it also provides commentary on social justice, political activism, and current events from across the United States of America. Dedicated to Ohio University students and the Athens community, The New Political’s mission is to educate and empower its public to form enlightened opinions and judgments about today’s most significant political debates.

President - Maggie Prosser, mp287916@ohio.edu
Faculty Advisor - Robert Stewart, stewartr@ohio.edu

Website: thenewpolitical.com
Facebook: facebook.com/thenewpolitical
Twitter: @thenewpolitical

The Post

The Post, an editorially independent, student-run media outlet serving Ohio University, Athens and Athens County, provides coverage of campus, city, state, sports, features, national and international issues while serving the purpose of educating its readership and its student employees.

The Post was founded at Ohio University in 1911 as The Green and White. Through the past century, the newspaper has undergone countless metamorphoses, but it has always been student-run and its content has remained independent from the university.

Roughly 100 student editors, reporters, graphic designers, copy editors and photographers work out of 325 Baker University Center to publish the newspaper every week classes are in session, as well as create consistent daily online content for thepostathens.com. Its coverage includes campus, local, entertainment and sports news, in addition to original features, multimedia and more.

Organization Email - editor@thepostathens.com
President - Elizabeth Backo, eb823313@ohio.edu
Faculty Advisor - Hans Meyer, meyerh@ohio.edu

Website: thepostathens.com
Facebook: facebook.com/thepostathens
Twitter: @ThePost

Thread Magazine

Thread is a quarterly online fashion magazine directed at both men and women. The publication is completely run by students and is created with integrity and dedication. Students work in a diverse selection of departments including editorial, creative, business, and public relations.

President - Katherine Pittman, kp505614@ohio.edu
Faculty Advisor - Elizabeth Hendrickson, hendrice@ohio.edu

Website: outhreadmag.com
Facebook: facebook.com/threadmag
Twitter: @threadmag


A YouTube based video creating club/community for vloggers/lifestyle videos. Any help in areas such as video editing, producing, directing, networking, social media, journalism, audio producing, animating, etc. is needed. We create fun challenges, vlogs, skits and college related videos for anyone to view.

President - Kristen Frase, kf889413@ohio.edu
Faculty Advisor - Jefferey Redefer, redefer@ohio.edu

Website: youtube.com/vloug
Facebook: facebook.com/groups/vloug
Twitter: @VLouGohio

Women in the Music Industry (WIMI)

Women in Music Industry fosters a mentorship series with female professionals from various fields within the music industry. Those involved in WIMI get access to exclusive networking opportunities and attend regular mentoring sessions via Skype for professional growth and career insight from industry leaders. They also participate in social and business development events with other members of the organization.

Organization Email - wimiohiou@gmail.com
President - Diana Buchert, db692514@ohio.edu
Faculty Advisor - Nicholas Antonuccio, antonucn@ohio.edu

Website: wimiou.weebly.com
Facebook: facebook.com/ouwimi
Twitter: @OU_WIMI

Affiliated Organizations

Audio Engineering Society (AES)

Ohio University Audio Engineering Society is a student chapter of the Audio Engineering Society, the only professional society devoted exclusively to audio technology. The AES is an international organization that unites audio engineers, creative artists, scientists and students worldwide by promoting advances in audio and disseminating new knowledge and research.

Faculty Advisor – Kyle Snyder, snyderk@ohio.edu

College Green

The College Green is an independent online student publication that aims to inform students and residents of Athens community about various environmental issues affecting the southeast Ohio region. This publication will provide students with experience in environmental science writing, online journalism practice as well as in-depth investigative reporting. With the multidisciplinary structure of environmental issues, working for College Green will help students become analytical thinkers and multifaceted journalists “while also instilling a sense of pride in the area’s natural beauty, amenities and assets.”

Faculty Advisor – Bernhard Debatin, debatin@ohio.edu

Website: collegegreenmag.com

Forensics Speech and Debate Team (The Speaking Bobcats of Ohio)

Ohio University’s Forensics Speech and Debate Team (The Speaking Bobcats of Ohio) consistently wins regional and national awards. In 2012, the team was honored at the Ohio State House for their consistent record of superior performance. The Speaking Bobcats of Ohio compete each year from September through April, providing the opportunity for OHIO students to meet outstanding undergraduates from 300 or more colleges or universities in intellectual competition. Approximately 20 tournaments at other schools and several held on the Athens campus enable students to develop skills in debate, extemporaneous speaking, oratory, rhetorical criticism, and oral interpretation. Most travel is funded, and scholarship opportunities are available. This diverse group of fun-loving, hard-working individuals welcomes any and all interested students of any major. No prior experience is necessary.

Faculty Advisor – Dan West, westd1@ohio.edu

Game Research and Immersive Design (GRID) Lab

The Game Research and Immersive Design (GRID) Lab, an initiative of Ohio University's Scripps College of Communication, was developed by the School of Media Arts & Studies faculty and staff to provide the Appalachian Ohio region with training, education, and an opportunity to develop technical and creative skills with digital game technology.

Faculty Advisor – John Bowditch, bowditch@ohio.edu

Website: gridlab.ohio.edu/

National Communication Association Student Club (NCASC)

National Communication Association Student Club (NCASC) is a professional organization dedicated to teaching communication students more about the field of communication as a whole. It accomplishes this through interactive workshops, guest speakers, mentoring programs, networking trips, and job shadowing. NCASC is open to all communication majors.

Faculty Advisor – Jerry Miller, millerj5@ohio.edu


The Online News Association chapter of Ohio University’s mission is to foster the growth of digital media at OHIO! Our meetings offer noteworthy advice from successful digital media professionals. Learn new skills taught in our ONA @ OU technical skills workshops. Engaging conversations with fellow journalists, innovators and creative minds.

President - Cat Hofacker, ch519113@ohio.edu
Faculty Advisor - Hans Meyer, meyerh@ohio.edu

Website: onaatou.com/
Facebook: facebook.com/ONAatOU/
Twitter: twitter.com/ONAatOU

Ohio University Advertising Association (Ad Club)

Ohio University Advertising Association (Ad Club) is a regional and national award-winning pre-professional organization affiliated with the American Advertising Federation (AAF). Students gain hands-on experience developing national advertising campaigns, through the National Student Advertising Competition (NSAC) sponsored by the AAF. A national client is announced in the summer and more than 120 schools compete at regional and national levels. OUAA begins work on this campaign in fall and the project culminates in spring when a team is sent to a regional competition. The campaign requires volunteers in areas of planning, creative, media, research, sales promotion, and public relations. Other activities of the Ad Club include hosting industry speakers, workshops, socials and career conferences in New York City and Chicago, as well as Columbus, Cincinnati and Cleveland.

Faculty Advisor – Charles Borghese, borghese@ohio.edu

Soul of Athens

Soul of Athens provides an opportunity for students from varying media disciplines to join together and create a collaborative project each year. It began in 2007 as a showcase that explored the characters and stories of Athens, Ohio, a small community in the foothills of Appalachia. Facilitated by the School of Visual Communication, students have the opportunity to reinvent the process. In its essence, for one term the students create a concept, produce content, design presentations, and handle the management of their team.

Faculty Advisor – Stan Alost, alost@ohio.edu

Website: 2017.soulofathens.com
Facebook: facebook.com/soulofathens


Speakeasy is a daily updated Web magazine (Webzine) by and for the Ohio University student. It strives to chronicle the Athens social scene by focusing on campus culture at OHIO: what happened, what's happening and what's going to happen. With smart, citizen journalism techniques, Speakeasy offers a fresh, alternative look at "news" that matters to the college student. Speakeasy doesn't just report – its staff gets into the heart of the matter by making sure the OHIO student voice is heard. Speakeasy staffers believe the “news isn't a monologue: it's a dialogue to be shared.”

Faculty Advisor – Elizabeth Hendrickson, hendrice@ohio.edu

Website: speakeasyohiou.com

Student Connect Society (SCS)

Student Connect Society (SCS) is a student-run organization that emphasizes professional networking through social media and focuses on social media marketing.

Faculty Advisor – Karen Riggs, riggsk@ohio.edu

Students for Global Media and Diversity (SGMD)

Students for Global Media and Diversity (SGMD) promotes cross-cultural communication among students at Ohio University. Administered in the Institute for International Journalism (IIJ) in the E. W. Scripps School of Journalism, it aims to foster an appreciation of the trials, tribulations, and triumphs of international journalists, their media systems, and the governments within which they operate. SGMD provides students with a comfortable environment within which they can socialize and network about international affairs. They learn about the role of media in a globalized community. SGMD welcomes alumni and former fellows of the Wilhelm Foreign Correspondence Internship to participate in the organization's activities.

Faculty Advisor – Yusuf Kalyango, kalyango@ohio.edu

Telecommunications Systems Management Association (TSMA)

Telecommunications Systems Management Association (TSMA) is a student organization that brings together students, faculty and alumni/alumnae to develop skills and knowledge in the communication technology and regulation industries for now and after graduation. Activities TSMA sponsors include resume help, job placement assistance, field trips, service projects and guest speakers who cover a variety of topics. Twin highlights of being a member of TSMA are the networking capabilities between students and guest speakers and the hands-on experience from service projects.

Faculty Advisor – John Hoag, hoagj@ohio.edu
Faculty Advisor – Julio Arauz, arauz@ohio.edu

WOUB’s Student Professional Development Program (SPDP)

The goal of the WOUB’s Student Professional Development Program (SPDP) in the WOUB Center for Public Media is to introduce students to the craft of video production, broadcasting, on-line services, community outreach and other media services. SPDP offers hands-on training and experiences that complement classroom learning for students majoring in related fields or who want to explore those fields. Students produce various programs, including local sports programs such as the Emmy-award winning Gridiron Glory and Bobcat Blitz.

Faculty Advisor – Mike Rodriguez, rodrigum@ohio.edu