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Staying Local Series: Chris Pyle, BSC ’93

Staying Local Series: Chris Pyle, BSC ’93

Sometimes Scripps College of Communication alumni fall in love with Athens so much that they decide to bloom right here by staying local. The blog post below is a Q&A with Chris Pyle, who is originally from Richland, Va., and now lives in Athens, where he runs a beloved coffee shop with his wife, Angie, also a Bobcat!

Hometown: Athens, Ohio (originally Richmond, Va.) 

Year Graduated: 1993

School: School of Media Arts & Studies

Major: Telecommunications

Current job title and location: Owner, Donkey Coffee & Espresso, Athens, Ohio

What do you do? Run a coffee shop.

What made you come to Ohio University? Were there other places you considered? I came to OHIO for swimming and the music scene. Not really… I got a good scholarship for OHIO for swimming, and it seemed like a good fit. 

How did the Scripps College of Communication equip you with the skills you needed to succeed? I learned a lot of relational skills in college that really helped me.  

What about your experiences here was so memorable? OHIO is where I learned to function in the “adult” world and where I was prepared for what came after. Playing music with my bands taught me how to be assertive (getting gigs, recording, talking with business owners and other bands.)

Tell us about your career path. I first went into college ministry and shortly after that opened a recording studio and a coffee shop.

What were some of the reasons you decided to stay local for your career? How would you advise students in choosing where they should ultimately live and work? Everyone has a different path. I was familiar with Athens and saw the need for a recording studio and a coffee shop. I wouldn’t be able to assess that need in an unfamiliar place.  

What other advice do you have for current students? Be someone who want to grow as a person, not just as a student.