JJ DiGeronimo's presentation talks about the substantial benefits that the McClure school can offer!

Adam Maslowski
February 19, 2020

Jack Russo is a sophomore studying Information Telecommunication Systems for the in the Scripps College of Communication. He recently attended JJ DiGeronimo's presentation called "Standing Out in a Sea of Candidates". The presentation offered free headshots for students and focused on how to beef up your LinkedIn account and your professional career; Russo shared his thoughts about the event.

Q: What was the presentation about?

A: The majority of the presentation was focused around LinkedIn which is a key way in which recruiters search for future workers. JJ gave us tips on how to customize our profiles such as adding previous job experiences, projects that you have done, letters of recommendation, and other skills that might be beneficial to the job you want. JJ told us the reason that this is important is that we need to set ourselves apart from other competitors/applicants who are trying to get the same position. Another topic that JJ touched on is how to prepare for an interview and what to do during one. JJ informed us to do research about the company by looking at their fact sheet and preparing questions to ask the interviewer to be engaging in the conversation. Also, she told us that it is important to bring a binder/portfolio of examples of work that you have done in order to show interviewers that you know what you are doing (such as flowcharts for example). Finally, JJ told us not to be afraid to ask people to do 15-minute phone calls to ask for advice or how they got to where they are today and always ask for a higher salary than what they offer you. 

Q: How did you feel during the presentation?

A: During the presentation, I felt that I was very focused on what JJ was saying. Most of the information that she talked about was very new to me I feel like it will help me tremendously from when I try to land my first job and as I continue onward throughout my career. 

Q: What were some takeaways that you got from JJ’s presentation?

A: Some major takeaways that stuck to me were bringing physical copies of examples to the interview. Along with don't over-promise and understand time because it can overall ruin your reputation in the company if you fail to meet the expectations that you promised.

Q: Did she help you hone in on a certain career focus?

A: No, I am currently only a sophomore at the moment I am not entirely sure where I want to work or want a particular career focus that I want to do. 

JJ DiGeronimo is one of the many alumni that are part of the McClure school. Our program can offer substantial networking and technical skills that can put you first in line for various IT and Telecommunication careers! Check out our program here.

JJ DiGeronimo, the President of Tech Savvy Women, advanced from entry-level positions into leadership positions within technology companies after graduating with a Comm Systems Management Degree in 1995 from Ohio University. Through her keynotes and executive sessions, JJ shares effective leadership and inclusion strategies to retain, develop, and advance professionals in STEM-based careers.  JJ includes these experiences in her recent book “Accelerate Your Impact” which complements her 2011 book.  JJ has been quoted in numerous publications including Forbes, The Wall Street Journal, and  Inc. Magazine.  She shares her business expertise with professionals from Amazon, Ingram Micro, RIT, IBM, Rockwell Automation, UCB, VMware, Microsoft, Discover, KeyBank, and Cisco along with many other organizations.