41.003: Partial-Semi-Month's Salary for Salaried Administrative Appointments




June 11, 2004

Initiated by:

John Goodwin | Payroll Manager

Reviewed by:

Herman("Butch") Hill | Chair, Policy and Procedure Review Committee

Endorsed by:

Gary North | Vice President for Administration and Finance 

Approved by:

Stephen Kopp | Provost 

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  1. Overview

    This policy governs the payment of partial-semi-monthly salaries to those persons with salaried appointments who begin work on a day other than the first working day of the semi-monthly pay period, or terminate their employment on a day other than the last working day of the semi-monthly pay period.

    As a general rule, the payroll system will calculate any necessary partial salary payment for a salaried presidential appointment, in accordance with the calculation specified in part (C) of this policy. In cases where the payroll system is unable to handle the calculation correctly, it shall be manually overridden.

  2. Definition of working days

    Working days are Monday through Friday (five days per week) unless otherwise specified by the department head. Holidays falling on Monday through Friday, including those that are part of the winter closure, are considered working days.

  3. Calculating partial-semi-month's salary

    The partial-semi-month's salary is calculated by pro-rating, based upon the number of working days that the employee is on the payroll compared to the total number of working days in that particular semi-monthly pay period.

    Questions regarding the interpretation of this policy should be directed to the payroll department.


Proposed revisions of this policy should be reviewed by:

  1. Controller

  2. Manager of Payroll Operations

  3. Administrative Senate