41.016: Furlough Policy




October 21, 2021

Initiated by:

Stacey Bennett | General Counsel 

Endorsed by:

Elizabeth Sayrs | Executive Vice President and Provost

Approved by:

Hugh Sherman | President

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  1. Purpose

    Ohio university is required to balance its operating budget each fiscal year. This policy provides the framework for the implementation of an employee furlough leave plan that would address an actual or projected operating budget deficit or other decline in financial resources resulting from the reduction in state funding, decline in institutional enrollment, natural disasters, pandemics, or Acts of God, or by other action or events that compel a reduction in the operating budget.

  2. Authority

    1. The Board of Trustees and the President are authorized to implement policies and procedures to ensure the long-term financial stability of Ohio university, as supported by Section 371.60.20 of Amended Substitute House Bill No. 1, effective on July 17, 2009, and included in every subsequent state budget bill to date, which provides that "the board of trustees” of any state institution of higher education, notwithstanding any rule of the institution to the contrary, may adopt a policy providing for a furlough leave plan for any and or all employees, including faculty, to achieve spending reductions necessitated by institutional budget deficits.

    2. If the President determines that the university is facing an operating budget deficit or other decline in financial resources, a furlough leave plan may be implemented. The furlough leave plan will be implemented in accordance with the FAQs and detailed guidelines.

  3. Definition

    1. A furlough leave is an unpaid, temporary, no-duty, non-pay status leave of absence from work for a specified period of time that has been stipulated by the President or the President’s designee.  A furlough is not a layoff or reduction in force, as outlined in the civil service rules and Ohio university policy.

    2. Employees are not permitted to work when taking furlough time.  Further, employees shall not work hours resulting in overtime compensation during any week whereby furlough leave is applied, absent written pre-approval of supervisor.

    3. Employees may not use accrued paid leave during periods of furlough.

  4. Employees subject to furlough

    The President or the President’s designee has sole authority to identify the employees eligible for and excluded from the furlough leave plan provisions of this policy and to determine the amount of furlough leave to be taken, and the duration of the furlough leave.

  5. Notice

    The Faculty and Administrative Senates will receive advance notification of the intent to implement a furlough leave plan.  Employees will be given notice of a furlough leave plan as far in advance of the anticipated implementation date as circumstances permit, but in no event shall the notice period be less than fourteen days.

  6. Appeals

    A furlough leave plan adopted pursuant to this policy may not be appealed under any other university policy or internal grievance process.


Proposed revisions of this policy should be reviewed by:

  1. Chief Finance & Administrative Officers 

  2. Chief Human Resource Officer

  3. Vice President for Enrollment Management 

  4. Vice President for University Advancement

  5. Vice President for Diversity & Inclusion

  6. Vice President for Research and Creative Activity 

  7. University Deans

  8. Faculty Senate 

  9. Administrative Senate