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Researchers' analysis of perching birds points to new answers in evolutionary diversification

October 5, 2023 Charles Darwin had the power of observation. Today, evolutionary biologists have the power of huge data sets and statistical analysis. Their results could change how biologists look at species diversification.

Harvey Ballard describes two new violet species in the northeastern United States, notes 'variants' still to be classified

April 13, 2023 Just as tiny violets spread their spring blanket of purple across the local landscape, Harvey Ballard's new monograph describes all the known types of violets in the northeastern United States and adjacent Canada.

Ohio University researchers Patrick O’Connor and Riley Sombathy co-author paper published in Science on body size evolution in dinosaurs

February 23, 2023 Researchers including OHIO professor Patrick O’Connor and Ph.D. student Riley Sombathy discovered through examining the bones of dinosaurs there was no relationship between growth rate and body size.

University community mourns Biology Professor Emeritus Scott Moody

January 19, 2023 The Ohio University community mourns the passing of Associate Professor Emeritus Scott Moody, whose research and teaching affected students for more than four decades.

Marissa Dyck awarded American Society of Mammologists' highest award for a graduate student

January 6, 2023 Marissa Dyck was awarded the 2022 American Society of Mammologists Fellowship. Mammals — specifically carnivores such as lynx, wolves, bobcats, and coyotes — are the focus of Dyck's research.

2022-23 Presidential Research Scholars are explorers of human history and scientific discovery

December 13, 2022 Ohio University has named four professors as its 2022-23 Presidential Research Scholars: Neil Bernstein, Ronan Carroll, Katherine Jellison, and Patrick O’Connor.

Biology alumnus inspires OHIO Wildlife and Nature Photography Scholarship competition

September 12, 2022 Ohio University students are invited to submit their best Athens County nature pics to the OHIO Wildlife and Nature Photography Scholarship Competition.

Cassandra Thompson shows danger to frogs from pesticide; points to a solution

August 31, 2022 Cassandra Thompson's research highlights the need to understand the tradeoffs of using pesticides on invasive species and the effects on vulnerable species such as amphibians.

Professor Geoff Buckley is new interim Associate Dean for the Honors Tutorial College

July 14, 2022 Geoff Buckley, Ph.D., has been appointed an interim Associate Dean in the Honors Tutorial College, effective July 15.

Science Café goes 'Globetrotting for Violets' with Harvey Ballard on Feb. 15

February 9, 2022 The spring 2022 lineup for Ohio University’s Science Café features two professors talking about diverse topics—globetrotting for violets and the globalization of rhythm and blues.

Ronan Carroll receives Rakowski Award, continues research into genetics of Staphylococcal infections

December 20, 2021 Ronan Carroll, Ph.D., recently received the Robert F. Rakowski Award for Outstanding Research for breakthrough work involving non-traditional RNA and Staphylococcus bacterial infections.