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Keeping Bobcats informed, June 30, 2021

Published: June 30, 2021 Author: Staff reports

STRESS LESS. Need help dialing back the bad vibes?
Stress and anxiety are natural aspects of life – more than 80% of college students report these feelings on a regular basis. We can help.

Use your resources
Visit the StressLess website to explore programs and applications available to the OHIO community.
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Learn about your mind
Read about the Stress Reaction Cycle and consider how you can intervene to improve your sense of well-being.
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BOBCAT PROUD. 365 Days a Year

Allies Student Organization
Read about one woman's commitment to LGBTQ+ representation at OHIO.
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LGBTQ+ History
Reflect on the storied past of LGBTQ+ issues, people, and progress through the Libraries' Pinterest board.
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Better Bystanders
Bobcats take care of Bobcats. Be an agent of change across many social issues by using your voice.
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Achieving a personal sense of well-being is like anything else, it takes setting goals and working toward them in ways that work best for you.

  1. START SMALL – Ask yourself: what is one thing you can do in five minutes or less each day that will lift your spirits? Don't bite off too much too fast.
  2. SET ACCOUNTABILITY – Do you respond better to internal or external motivation? Understanding your tendencies helps your brain work smarter. Take the quiz.
  3. MAKE IT SIMPLE – Timers, sticky notes, maybe a tattoo? Schedule a reminder where you will see it. Work your goals seamlessly into your life to see the best results.

Need help? Use a well-being or career coach.

Bobcat Student Orientation
Campus is Bumping

Thousands of Bobcats and their families have made their way to Athens this month for Bobcat Student Orientation. Keep up with campus happenings @OHIOStudentLife and watch for a chance to give advice to these newbies as BSO wraps up and the anticipation of Fall Semester brews. Follow @OHIOStudentLife

Resources for Summer Courses

Study on Campus

All the floors of Alden Library, including the stacks, reopened on Tuesday, June 22 to current students, faculty, staff and emeriti. The external doors will remain OHIO ID card-swipe access only as required for COVID-19 compliance.
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Summer Tutoring

Need a little help with a summer class? Free tutoring is available. Schedule your tutoring appointments online through TutorTrac or by calling the Academic Achievement Center at 740.566.8888.
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VACCINATED? Let us know.
You need to choose a testing pathway before returning to campus. If you choose vaccination, you are off the hook for future testing! 
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Fall Course Listing
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Testing Pathways
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Succeed at OHIO
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Be Safe Bobcats
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