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The OHIO Museum Complex presents an outdoor museum exploration tool for
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A keystone of the OHIO Museum Complex, mAppAthens is a web-based app for self-guided education. The name reflects the idea of a mapping app for Athens and the surrounding community: Map + App + Athens = mAppAthens.

Curated by OHIO professor Nancy Stevens, this interdisciplinary collaborative project offers online maps that can be leveraged as outdoor museum tours to engage visitors of all ages in active, place-based learning experiences to explore an array of topics including art, wellness, history, geology, ecology, and more.

Below are suggested place-based learning routes that have been provided by local experts. Explore these tours throughout the region using your mobile device; you will travel from stop to stop, reading information at each location and following the directions provided. You will see photos and a map of your tour route in the app.

Active Tours

Choose your adventure below. Once your tour opens, tap the down arrow (or in some cases, select a grey tab) to begin the self-guided route. For the app to function correctly, you will need either cellular service or internet access. Keep in mind that your cell signal may drop during one of the walks, but we have included photos and directions to help you. If your signal does drop, try to enjoy the scenery and follow the trail on the app. And most importantly, have fun!

Note: For those with limited mobility, the accessible option is to click through the tours virtually instead of in person.

Send Us Your Ideas

Have an idea for your own educational tour? We are always open for ideas for additional routes. Send us your ideas at and we’ll get back to you.



The mAppAthens Team

The mAppAthens team was formed after Dr. Nancy Stevens submitted a project proposal for support from the 2017 Academic Innovation Accelerator. The team comprises Ohio University faculty and staff with strong skills in the various areas needed to bring mAppAthens to life and see the project to fruition.

Headshot of Nancy Stevens

Nancy Stevens
Team Leader 

Jessica Schaudt

Jessica Schaudt
Subject Matter Expert for GIS Map Development 

Headshot of Elkan Kim

Elkan Kim
GIS Mapping Application Engineer 

Headshot of Ben Seigel

Ben Siegel




Did you learn something on your tour? Are there other things you think would be interesting to include? We know cellular signals can drop; that’s something we cannot control, but we would love to hear your thoughts on the experience.


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