Lin Hall



 Through the Appalachian Forest Exhibit Flyer Artwork

This inaugural exhibition for the OHIO Museum Complex presents twenty-four specimens from the Floyd Bartley Herbarium, some dating back to the 1930s. This herbarium, consisting or over 30,000 preserved specimens was curated using plants collected by rural youth during summer camp. By presenting the two collections together, we honor and appreciate the surviving cultural and scientific legacy of exploration, observation and collection that is characteristic of Southeastern Ohio.

The exhibit presents multiple and layered interpretations of the Appalachian Corridor, referring to visual culture from folk and fairy tales, merged with scientific illustration. Participate in an endangered medicinal seed project and discover a map of the region locating the herbarium specimen’s origin. A massive interactive, hand-painted mural and sound stage depicts over fifty native, introduced, at-risk and invasive species invites visitors into a process of looking, listening and interpreting, so that larger ecological relationships begin to emerge.

Funding for the 210 Lin Hall OHIO Museum Complex gallery provided by the Konneker Grant for Learning and Discovery.

Bricks and Mortar

​The Konneker-funded 210 gallery represents the first newly renovated space for the expanded museum concept in Lin Hall. If you haven’t seen the renovated gallery, please stop in and have a look!

The Konneker-funded gallery in 210 Lin Hall constitutes a novel space on campus for students and faculty to collaborate across disciplines to learn, translate and communicate research, creative activity and new discoveries to a broader audience. This new gallery serves as a space for the members of all campuses of the university to engage with the research and artistic vision of our students and faculty, providing a venue for students to test their voices, collaborate, compromise and excel in a creative community focused on innovation.

Before launching our first exhibition in the new gallery, this new Museum Complex space has already been leveraged by the following programs/visitors:

  • Ohio University Foundation Board Fall reception
  • Spring Theater Senior Studio performance The Landscape
  • OCEES Darwin Lecture reception by New York Times Bestselling author of The Invention of Nature, ​Andrea Wulf (see also
  • Filmmaker/cinematographer Matt Koshmrl
  • Professor Lisle Gibbs, Director of the Ohio Biodiversity Conservation Partnership
  • Scripps-hosted award winning author, and National Geographic Society’s Strategic Adviser for Environmental and Science Journalism, Andrew Revkin
  • International Geoscience Programme conference focused on the Great Ordovician Biodiversification Event. Researchers from the USA, China and Australia visited the Konneker-funded gallery, with a behind-the-scenes view of the ballroom, participating in a discussion with Alycia Stigall and Nancy Stevens about place-based learning across art and science.
  • The 210 gallery space has also been featured by Sally Delgado, KMA’s education curator, in East Elementary K-4 visits. On five consecutive Fridays during Spring 2018, she and her crew conducted an “envision the new space” activity as part of their tours. The hallway outside the 210 gallery was installed with historic pictures and concept renderings of the ballroom space, with groups using the Konneker-funded gallery for an activity during rotations among the various exhibitions. In all, this programming reached over 280 students! Stay tuned for updates on additional programming, events, and exhibitions planned for the 210 gallery space.​

Next Steps: The Ballroom

The curatorial team next has sights set on renovating the ballroom space on the 2nd floor of Lin Hall. Stay tuned for plans on transforming the old Ballroom into a dynamic space for exhibitions, events, and interactive learning laboratories!