Academic Innovation Accelerator

The Academic Innovation Accelerator (AIA) empowers faculty to pursue appropriately designed and evaluated pilot projects in academic innovation that enhance both the quality and reach of an Ohio University education. The AIA provides resources, services, and expert advice for these ideas during stages of early development.

The AIA was previously awarded a grant of $924,000 from Ohio University’s Innovation Strategy program to provide financial support for these projects. Funding is no longer available through the AIA. We are no longer accepting official proposals, but if you have an idea you think would enhance teaching and learning at the University, please contact our office.

Current AIA Projects

Project proposals from past Ideation Events are moving forward with support from the AIA. Each project was individually assessed for personalized aid. Assistance has ranged from faculty support to project management and more.


A committee of faculty and staff provided institutional wisdom and expertise to OHIO innovators through (a) an advisory group that helped support and craft academic projects for consideration, and (b) a champions group that determined how projects would move forward.

Advisory Group

  • Kristi Barnes
  • Bradley Cohen
  • William Condee
  • Raymond Frost
  • Laurie Hatch
  • Angela Hosek
  • Derek Kauneckis
  • Gregory Kremer
  • Peter Mather
  • David Moore
  • Todd Myers
  • Linda Rice

Champions Group

  • Bradley Cohen
  • LJ Edmonds
  • Cary Frith
  • Dennis Irwin
  • Ken Johnson
  • Randall Leite
  • Renee Middleton
  • Elizabeth Sayrs
  • Scott Seaman
  • Matthew Shaftel
  • Hugh Sherman
  • Joseph Shields
  • Scott Titsworth
  • Mark Weinberg
  • William Willan

The Office of Instructional Innovation provides administrative support, as well as other operational needs that are essential to the AIA, including staff with expertise and advice that are available to assist with projects on a consultative, as-needed basis.