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    Celebrate Springtime with the OHIO Museum Complex!

    Have you ever noticed the beautiful springtime cherry blossoms along the Hocking River?


    The OHIO Museum Complex, and students, faculty and staff from the OHIO Office of Global Affairs and Center for International Studies take you on a journey celebrating OHIO’s cherry trees.


    During the first week of April this year, we will feature activities for seven consecutive days to celebrate springtime, highlight the cherry tree blooms, and learn about Ohio University’s relationship with Chubu University in Kasugai, a suburb of Nagoya, Japan.


    Curated by OHIO Museum Complex student interns Melissa Damico and Morgan Spehar in collaboration with the Office of Global Affairs, faculty and students from Ohio University’s Linguistics Department and Center for International Studies, with special thanks to Dr. Christopher Thompson.


cherry blossoms
cherry blossoms
cherry blossoms
Night Walk
cherry blossoms
Ever wonder who planted the beautiful cherry trees on OHIO’s Athens campus? Click here to learn more about one of Ohio University’s international partnerships!

Click here to learn about the art of origami and put your newfound knowledge to use by making an origami a cherry blossom! Check out our YouTube demonstration here.

Each spring, Ohio University encourages viewing the cherry blossoms at night by illuminating the blossoms. Click here to learn how to make your own cut paper lantern to take along! Step by step YouTube tutorial here

Click here and take a break and immerse yourself nature by walking along the river and among the cherry blossoms. Enjoy the Cherry Blossom Spotify Playlist, curated with the help of Ohio University students from Japan.


cherry blossoms
cherry blossoms
cherry blossoms
Click here to learn to write “cherry blossom” in Japanese and a little more about Japanese language and its many alphabets! Click here to learn about the history of the haiku and how to write your own! Get inspiration from the beauty of the cherry blossoms - or in your own backyard! Enjoy a picnic underneath the cherry blossoms and enjoy one of Grandma Ono’s rice balls (click here to view the recipe courtesy of one of our own OMC intern’s grandmother!).