About Museum Complex


Bridging campus and community to connect art with science, wellness and the environment. Cultivating transdisciplinary connections to showcase Ohio University’s research, creative activity, and innovation.

In a region where the closest major science museum is over an hour away, expanding Ohio University’s Museum Complex to embrace science and environment offers exciting possibilities for new partnerships, funding, and educational outreach opportunities. Stakeholder audiences include preschool (e.g., Child Development Center), K-12 (Athens Public Schools, with expanded STEAM outreach into rural underserved communities including those in southeastern Ohio, northern Kentucky and West Virginia, home school audiences), Ohio University (undergraduates, graduate students, faculty and staff), and the general public (all ages).


    A Teaching Museum

    "The teaching museum model embraces the importance of academic museums as interdisciplinary learning laboratories, where arts and sciences give context to one another."

     - Ed Pauley
    Director of Kennedy Museum of Art, ​OHIO


    Transformative Education

    "The Ohio University Museum Complex fosters transformative education, research and creative activity through the lens of transdisciplinary exploration."

    ​- Nancy Stevens
    Professor, Heritage College of Osteopathic Medicine, OHIO


    Lifelong Learning

    "Housed in the natural setting of the Ridges, this facility will provide a host of opportunities for lifelong learning about science and the environment."

    - Geoff Dabelko
    Director of Environmental Studies, Voinovich School of Leadership and Public Affairs, OHIO


"It’s simply too good a concept to pass up."

- Joe Shields, Vice Provost for Research, OU