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Celebrate Women 2021 Virtual Conference

15 Years of Celebrating YOU!

March 19, 2021

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Celebrate Women 2021 - 15 Years of Celebrating YOU!

Now in its 15th year and organized by Ohio University Lancaster in partnership with Ohio University Chillicothe, Ohio University Southern, Ohio University Eastern, and Ohio University Zanesville. The Celebrate Women Conference aims to bridge women’s relationships in areas of community, university and professions. The conference theme, "15 Years of Celebrating YOU" will focus on presentations by more than thirty speakers.

This virtual event will be hosted on Zoom on Friday, March 19, 2021.

Participants will be given links and directions on our webpage to access their sessions.



Keynote Speaker: Alison Levine

Alison Levine Keynote Speaker

Alison Levine knows what it’s like to survive (and thrive) in the world’s toughest environments. She served as team captain of the first American Women's Everest Expedition, scaled the "Seven Summits," and skied to the North and South Poles—making history along the way.  In addition to climbing mountains, she also spent time climbing the corporate ladder in sales, in marketing and then on Wall Street after earning her MBA from Duke University.

In her  New York Times bestseller, On the Edge: Leadership Lessons from Everest and Other Extreme Environments, Alison asserts that the principles that apply to the world of extreme adventure also apply to demanding business environments.

A former adjunct professor at West Point, Alison understands what it takes to lead teams through challenging situations. She is the recipient of the 2019 Ellis Island Medal of Honor which recognizes individuals whose accomplishments in their field and inspired service to our nation are cause for celebration.





2021 Celebrate Women Service Project

This conference is FREE with registration. Space is limited so register EARLY!

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