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    Academic Innovation Accelerator

    The Academic Innovation Accelerator enables ideas for instructional innovation to be developed, explored, and deployed quickly and effectively in an experimental way. Promising innovations can then be scaled up as appropriate. The Accelerator offers support for overcoming barriers to academic innovation through staff support, expertise, and advocacy for emerging ideas.


    Affordable Learning at Ohio University

    The Office of Instructional Innovation, University Libraries, and Office of Information Technology have joined forces to foster a team approach between librarians, instructional designers, and technology experts. This cross-campus collaboration came together in the fall of 2019, aiming to create a sustainable affordable learning materials ecosystem at Ohio University.


    Innovation Showcase

    OHIO faculty are invested in improving their teaching skills and increasing student engagement. Learn about faculty excellence and become inspired by the innovative teaching practices that are developing.


    Learning Environments

    Modern best practices in teaching recognize that students need an interactive, engaging learning experience, such as that provided through an active learning classroom or other innovative educational environments. The Learning Spaces Master Plan creates a strategy for the University’s classrooms to be redesigned to promote project-based collaboration and team-based learning, while also incorporating technology to enhance student outcomes.