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Physical Therapy

Physical Therapy

With a first-time pass rate and graduation rate that is the same as the programs in the top 5% (U.S. News and World Report) at a fraction of the cost, the choice is clear. 

Program Overview

The Ohio University Physical Therapy Program takes pride in our comprehensive 3-year curriculum that provides the depth and breadth of preparation for you to excel as a clinician.  We are dedicated to excellence and leadership in preparing future physical therapists with the knowledge, behavior, skills, and inter-professional experiences required to function as a movement specialist within the contemporary healthcare environment. Professionalism is fostered as we focus on the development of clinical skills, critical thinking, clinical reasoning, teamwork, communication, adaptability, compassion, and empathy. We strive to create a community of people who can offer and receive constructive criticism appropriately, who have confidence in what we know, and who realize that we still have much to learn. 

We have chosen to maintain a 3-year curriculum since transitioning to the DPT in 2003 because we know that it takes time to develop the knowledge, skills, and professional behaviors that are the hallmark of a Doctor of Physical Therapy.  To set our graduates apart, we offer elective courses in the 3rd year to provide advanced knowledge and preparation in specific areas of clinical interest. As you will see our first-time pass rate on the NPTE is consistently among the top 5-10% of programs. As you compare the cost of physical therapy programs, the value of the OHIO Physical Therapy will be clear.

We are cultivating a community of physical therapy professionals who strive to enhance their knowledge and understanding through their own direct experiences, and first-hand involvement in everyday events and choices; using these lived experiences to affect change in their communities.

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