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Cabinet Lab Practices

Flammable Liquid Storage Cabinet Requirements

Cabinets must meet the following standards:

  1. Underwriter Laboratories (U.L.) (1275) listed or Factory Mutual (F.M.) approved, which is indicated by a permanent manufacture's label on the cabinet.
  2. National Fire Protection Association Flammable and Combustible Liquids Code (NFPA 30).

Self-closing doors are required.

If you want specific design/engineering requirements, please contact the Safety Department at 740-593-1666.

Cabinet Sizes

Cabinets are available in different sizes ranging from 4-gallon (15-liter) to 120 gallon (454-liter) capacity. Choose a cabinet big enough to hold your current needs and any foreseeable projects.

However, per regulations no more than 60 gallons of Class I-A flammable liquids may be stored inside a single cabinet. Additionally, per regulations only 20 gallons of Class I flammable liquids may be stored for each 100 square feet of laboratory area. Class I-A flammable liquid is liquid having a closed cup flash point below 73°F (22.8° C) and boiling point below below 100°F (37.8°C). If you need help determining storage volume limitations, please the Safety Department at 740-593-1666.


When used for storage of closed containers, a flammable liquid storage cabinet is not required to be vented for fire protection purposes. Vent openings must be sealed with the bungs supplied with the cabinet or with bungs specified by the cabinet manufacturer. If you want to store open containers or have a vented system, please contact the Safety Department Laboratory Safety Coordinator (593-1662).

Purchasing Options

If a cabinets is not available via a Preferred Vendor, cabinets can be purchased from lab equipment supply companies or safety equipment supply companies. These manufacturers are currently listed in the Underwriters Laboratories Certification Directory or have cabinets that meet the requirements of the Fire Code: