Annual Campus Steam Outage

Annual Campus Steam Outage

Each year Facilities Management and Safety will use an annual steam outage to allow for repairs to the steam system on campus. This outage will shut down the steam across the entire campus so that technicians can safely repair the steam system. We will announce the dates for the steam outages in advanced time to allow for the campus to prepare and be aware of the outage. Please see the below scheduled dates and information:

Upcoming Scheduled Steam Outages

ATHENS CAMPUS - 2024 Steam Outage 

2024 Outage Dates: May 12, 2024- May 24, 2024

During the above dates, the entire campus will be without steam. In some buildings there may be temperature variations depending upon their system capabilities. Additionally, any special equipment relying on steam to function will be inoperable (for example, some autoclaves are reliant upon steam).


This outage also affects the production of domestic hot water in many of OHIO’s buildings, including residence halls. The following is a list of residence halls that WILL HAVE hot water during the FY24 outage:


  • Adams Hall
  • Biddle Hall
  • Boyd Hall
  • Bromley Hall
  • Brown Hall
  • Bush Hall
  • Crawford Hall
  • Dougan House
  • Ewing House
  • Gamertsfelder Hall
  • Hoover House
  • James Hall
  • Jefferson Hall
  • Johnson Hall
  • Lincoln Hall
  • MacKinnon Hall
  • Perkins Hall
  • Pickering Hall
  • Read Hall
  • Shively Hall
  • Tiffin Hall
  • True House
  • Washington Hall
  • Wray House
  • 4 University Terrace

There will be a widespread boil order towards the end of the steam outage that will be communicated separately. 


Please feel free to contact the Facilities Management & Safety Work Center at 740-593-2911 if you have any questions or concerns.