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Christine Suniti Bhat, Ph.D.

  • Professor, Counseling and Higher Education
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Gladys W. and David H. Patton College of Education and Human Services

Areas of Expertise

Expert Bio

Dr. Bhat has devoted years of research to the disturbing and growing phenomenon of school bullying via electronic means - kids intimidating and harassing each other through the use of cell phones, video and internet social networking sites and blogs. An expert on cyberbullying prevention, Bhat trains school counselors and parents on strategies to proactively address the issue of cyberbullying at the elementary, middle and high school levels. Bhat's research is focused on the prevalence of cyberbullying in the USA and internationally, and on what school personnel and parents can do to prevent and empower youth who are targets or bystanders of cyberbullying. 

Dr. Bhat has been on the faculty of Counselor Education since 2006, and was previously at California State University, Long Beach. In addition to experience in academia, Bhat has extensive international experience as an educator, counselor and psychologist in Australia and India. Her recent leadership positions include treasurer of Chi Sigma Iota, Counseling Academic and Professional Honor Society, president of the Association for Specialists in Group Work and president of the Ohio Counseling Association. Bhat is a licensed professional counselor and school counselor in Ohio. She has provided expert input to the media on topics such as cyberbullying and suicide prevention.

Expertise at a Glance

Bhat is an expert in bullying, cyberbullying and mental health. She focuses on school bullying via electronic means, specifically social media and cell phones, and strategies that proactively address the issue throughout education.

Media Placements

Associated Press
NBC New York
The Columbus Dispatch