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Experiential Learning

Choose your own adventure!


    Be a changemaker by engaging with the communities surrounding Ohio University. Learn from meaningful and authentic experiences and serve in solidarity with others.


    Creativity and innovation go hand in hand, from designing a new app to writing a song, to putting a new twist on a classic story. Find support for bringing your creative or innovative ideas to life.


    Gain valuable real-world experiences and make connections that will help you secure jobs and opportunities. Find internship opportunities in Handshake.


    Opportunities for meaningful student leadership abound at OHIO. Whatever path you choose, you'll learn and grow as a student leader.


    Investigate. Discover. Contribute to the greater good with new knowledge, understanding, and creative endeavors.


    Explore. Expand your horizons. Learn from global experiences and develop understanding of diverse cultures in the United States and abroad.

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Better Bobcat Stories 

Imagine you’re listening to two people talk about encountering a bear in the wild. The first person describes a news story they watched about how to get yourself safely away from a bear if you see one while hiking. The second person says, “That happened to me! I was hiking this summer and a bear jumped out of the brush on the trail ahead of us!” 

Which person do you most want to keep listening to? Whose story is most compelling? 

At Ohio University, we want you to directly experience what you’re learning so that you have better stories to tell—to future employers, to scholarship committees, to graduate schools, to family members who might wonder if a college education is worth its price tag.

But don’t just tell better stories—our hope is that you’ll truly live better stories by reflecting on your experiences and thinking about how you can do better next time: better for you, better for your family, better for our local and global communities. 


    Kauchak Begins Peace Corps Service in Kosovo

    Ryan Kauchak of Granville, Ohio, was accepted into the Peace Corps and departed for Kosovo on May 25 to begin training as an English Education volunteer.


    Why are Americans Afraid of Dragons?

    Dr. Edmond Y. Chang led his students into battle. Armed with padded weapons and homemade shields, the group conducted Live-Action Role-Playing (LARPing) in a fantasy universe of Chang’s creation called Archaea.


    OHIO Students Place in Top Spots for Hearst Photojournalism Competition

    OHIO students Nate Swanson and Alie Skowronski placed second and fourth, respectively, in the Photojournalism Features and News Competition of the 2020-2021 Hearst Journalism Awards Program. 


    Third annual Business of Games Summit to promote fast-growing gaming and esports industry

    Ohio University’s third annual Business of Games Summit on Feb. 23, 2021, held virtually this year, will focus on the trends and opportunities in the fast-growing gaming and esports industry.


    2020 ECO Challenge winning team tackles COVID-19 spread

    The 5th Annual ECO Challenge brought together students of different disciplines to work as a team to identify and solve sustainability issues, preparing them for the challenges they will face in their careers after they leave OHIO. The final five teams presented to a panel of experts on Nov. 19, 2020, over Microsoft Teams.


    Professors, students help monitor COVID-19 on campus with wastewater surveillance

    Ohio University professors Guy Riefler, Ph.D., and Karen Coschigano, Ph.D., are monitoring and analyzing campus wastewater to look for possible trends of COVID-19 this semester.


    Kennedy Museum of Art supports dialogue and diversity in the OHIO community through training in Visual Thinking Strategy methods

    The museum recently began using an educational tool called Visual Thinking Strategies (VTS) to facilitate collaborative, inclusive, community-building dialogue centering around works of art.


    New York-based School of Theater grad shares career advice to costume design students


    The School of Theater welcomed alumnus Ricky Lurie, MFA ‘14 in Production and Costume Design, as a College of Fine Arts Visiting Artist for a 3-day virtual residency with current BFA and MFA production design and technology students.


    Students heading into healthcare careers benefit from new theater class offered through CoArts’ The Healthy Village


    For two years, Ohio University’s College of Fine Arts faculty have partnered with faculty in the College of Health Sciences and Professions (CHSP) to offer Interprofessional Healthcare through Creative Arts.

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