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Teaching the Piano Safari with the Athens Community Music School

Children and teacher at a music stand

Teaching with ACMS Piano Safari

University piano students work directly with an experienced teacher in a community music program setting, introducing young first time piano students through a musical journey to explore fundamental musical and technical concepts. Piano Safari is an exciting new approach to learning piano that combines the best of established traditions with innovative ideas. Students will be taught the basics of music theory, reading notation, and how to play with excellent technique and musicianship. Offered every fall and spring.

Athens Community Music School

The Piano Safari is part of a full slate of Program Offerings for the Athens and surrounding regional community. Founded in 1979, the Athens Community Music School (ACMS) is truly community-wide in mission and in scope as it is the principal source of organized and qualified music instruction in southeast Ohio and portions of West Virginia. offering individual private lessons in piano, woodwind, brass, percussion, and stringed instruments as well as voice.



Full Semester Experience, available in Spring and Fall

Academic Credit

1 credit

Cost & Scholarship Availability

No cost beyond course credit fees

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