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Hearing, Speech, and Language Sciences Laboratories

The faculty members of the Division of Hearing, Speech, and Language Sciences have an array of professional interests and many have labs that are geared toward those interests. From auditory electrophysiology to child language and dysphagia to speech processing, there may be a lab to fit a prospective student or client's needs.

  • Auditory Electrophysiology Laboratory: Dr. Fuh-Cherng (Fuh) Jeng
  • Auditory Prosthesis Laboratory: Dr. Li-Xu
  • Augmentative and Alternative Communication Laboratory: Dr. John McCarthy
  • Developmental Psycholinguistics Laboratory: Dr. Jim Montgomery
  • Dysphagia Laboratory : Dr. Youngsun Kim
  • Speech Processing Laboratory: Dr. Chao-Yang Lee
  • Transitions in the Acquisition of Language Knowledge (T.A.L.K.) Lab: Dr. Joann Benigno
  • Cognitive Aging and Resilience (CARE) Lab:  Dr. Chorong Oh
  • The Voice Laboratory: Dr. Karen Perta