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Graduate Overview

The College of Health Sciences and Professions offers nationally recognized graduate programs that prepare students for careers as clinicians, researchers or teachers. For information about the Division of Hearing, Speech and Language Sciences program completion rates, Praxis examination pass rates, and employment rates for our graduates see our Student Achievement Data. The Master of Arts in Speech-Language Pathology, Doctor of Clinical Audiology, and doctoral programs are designed to endow students with the academic knowledge and clinical skills to:

  • Become competent professionals, providing independent and team-oriented clinical services in the contemporary health care environment
  • Work and communicate effectively with clients, families and health care and educational professionals
  • Think critically and solve problems effectively
  • Be continuous learners through the understanding of research in the discipline

The Division of Hearing, Speech and Language Sciences (HSLS) offers world-class PhD programs that emphasize the development of specialized knowledge and skills consistent with strong scholarly career aspirations through academic coursework, original research projects, hands-on experiences in the Hearing, Speech and Language Clinic, grant writing, research presentations in professional forums, interdisciplinary scholarly activities, teaching opportunities, and ongoing engaged mentoring by Hearing, Speech and Language Sciences faculty.

Diverse, energetic, dedicated and productive faculty members work closely with students in directed studies courses and research lab mentoring in a positive and encouraging environment.

To learn more about specific degree programs, follow the links below.

Teacher Certification for SLP

Students are eligible to obtain a teaching certificate from the state of Ohio through our program by:

  • Satisfying specific course requirements at the undergraduate/graduate levels
  • Successfully completing a student teaching externship
  • Obtaining a master's degree from the Hearing, Speech and Language Sciences program
  • Completing the application requirements for teacher licensure

Students who wish to teach outside of Ohio should inquire with other state departments of education to learn of their requirements for teacher licensure.

Coursework Requirements for Teacher Licensure

  • Language Development – HSLS 3100 or equivalent
  • Child Development – PSY 2410, EDEC 1600, or equivalent
  • Exceptional Children – EDSP 2710 or PSY 3430 or EDSP 5700 or equivalent
  • SLP in Public Schools – HSLS 6190 or equivalent

Certificate Programs Offered by the College of Health Sciences and Professions

The College of Health Sciences and Professions offers several certificate programs that allow students to broaden their horizons and explore unique, specific areas of practice. Follow the links below to learn more.