DARS and Grades

DARS Report

DARS is an acronym for the Degree Audit Reporting System. We refer to the report from the system as a DARS report. Your DARS report displays the courses from which you must select in order to complete degree requirements, and it shows how the completed courses apply toward those requirements. The DARS report provides a "snapshot" of where you stand relative to graduation. Students must complete all requirements on the DARS before graduating.

Access your DARS online. You will need your OHIO ID (email address) and password.

If you need further explanation about your DARS report, contact your School of Nursing academic advisor at nursing@ohio.edu for assistance.


Access Your Grades

Official grades are available approximately one week after the semester closing date, although grades for some classes might be available earlier for classes that do not meet the entire semester. You may view your grades online in the My OHIO Student Center academic tab.

Verification of Completion

Some students need verification of course completion for their employer or another institution. You may be able to print the screen view of your grade from Blackboard or My OHIO Student Center to provide verification of course completion. However, the decision regarding whether to accept that documentation is at the discretion of each agency's policy and procedures. Check with your Human Resources Office or Office of Nursing.

If you need a degree or enrollment verification letter, that is a service provided by the Ohio University Registrar's office. Learn more about enrollment and degree verification.

RN to BSN Five-Week Courses

For students in five-week courses, official grades for session 1, session 2, and session 3 (for example, for fall 1, fall 2, and fall 3) are usually available approximately two weeks after the close of the session. If you have a question about the availability of your official grades after the session is complete, contact the instructor of the course.