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NOTICE TO OHIO UNIVERSITY RN TO BSN STUDENTS: Effective Fall Semester 2020-2021 all assignments must be formatted using the 7th Edition of the Publication Manual of the American Psychological Association, The Office Guide to APA Style. ISBN:  978-1-4338-3216-1

Students taking online RN to BSN courses are eligible for a special eCampus undergraduate programs tuition rate. These courses are not included in the Ohio University regular course offerings.

You are able to take courses posted on the Ohio University regular course offerings page. However, you will pay the Athens Campus or regional campuses tuition for these courses, not the special eCampus rate. Selecting courses other than the eCampus offerings could mean a four-fold increase in the cost per credit hour. Click below to view classes available through eCampus:



If you have questions, check with your School of Nursing academic advisor. You will not be eligible for a tuition appeal if you accidentally register for courses that are listed on the Ohio University regular course offerings page.

The RN to BSN NRSE Course Schedule (PDF) document shows when NRSE courses will be scheduled in upcoming terms. If you want to plan the NRSE courses you might take in future terms, the projected rotation is available through summer 2024. Please check the RN to BSN NRSE Course Schedule regularly, as it is subject to change. 

NRSE 4510 must be your first nursing class. You will not be permitted to take any other nursing class prior to taking NRSE 4510.

In the event you receive less than 80% (B-) in NRSE 4510, the School of Nursing will cancel your enrollment in all NRSE courses. You will be required to register to retake NRSE 4510 before you will be eligible to schedule other NRSE classes. Contact the School of Nursing if you have questions or need assistance: nursing@ohio.edu or 740-593-4494.

NRSE 4600 is designed to be the RN to BSN capstone course and must be taken as your last NRSE course. For further information regarding NRSE 4600 click here (PDF).