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Ohio University’s Bachelor of Science in Integrated Healthcare Studies (BSIHS) is a bachelor’s completion degree that prepares students to become versatile leaders in the rapidly changing health care environment.

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Students in the BSIHS degree program acquire vital knowledge and hands-on skills needed to navigate the increasingly complex American health care system. Ohio University is a regionally accredited institution, and its unique BSIHS program caters to those seeking to expand their health care knowledge for graduate study in a health-related field and those seeking a bachelor’s degree in order to advance their health care careers.

This affordable and flexible bachelor’s degree program offers multiple options for course study structure, making it possible to complete the degree in a timely fashion. This is especially beneficial for those with unique scheduling needs such as undergraduate students considering a change in majors, students who have completed an allied health associate degree, working professionals with busy schedules, and students with existing credit hours in the health sciences.

  • 7-week accelerated learning courses or 14-week courses are available
  • Can serve as a foundation for graduate study in a variety of health-related fields
  • Ohio University is a regionally accredited institution

BSIHS Admission requirements and Program Structure

The BSIHS degree is an ideal option for students who are interested in furthering their education, are seeking a degree in a health-related field and want to double-major, or have several credit hours in health sciences and would like to finish their degree in a timely manner. It is intended for students who have completed at least 60 semester hours in an allied health–related discipline from an accredited institution. Candidates for the BSIHS degree must also have a combined GPA of 2.0 or higher. View the complete BSIHS admission requirements here.

Totaling 120 credit hours, the BSIHS course requirements include the following:

  • Four foundational courses

  • Two health care professions and services courses

  • One inter-professional education and practice in health care course

  • One leadership and critical thinking course

  • Two communication courses

  • Minimum of two health care perspectives courses 

  • Minimum of four sociocultural courses

  • Four elective courses applicable to career interests in the health care field

Explore the full BSIHS complete degree curriculum to learn more about course topics and full degree completion requirements.

Expanded Opportunities With a Bachelor's Degree in Integrated Healthcare Studies

The health care system is becoming more complex, and health care professionals and support are among the fastest-growing occupations, with the increasing expectation of higher levels of postsecondary education. The BSIHS degree provides students with the opportunity to complete their undergraduate education and enhance their current health care career possibilities. The diverse curriculum covers a wide range of topics from sports medicine and communication disorders to gerontology and clinical problem-solving. BSIHS students are equipped with skills in leadership, critical thinking, communication, advocacy, and evidence-based practice principles needed for a fulfilling career in the global health care market. 

Some students who complete this bachelor’s degree choose to pursue graduate or professional education programs. The BSIHS program provides the opportunity to explore allied health disciplines through elective coursework, preparing students for further specialized education. Potential graduate degree programs pursued by BSIHS students include speech-language pathology, audiology, public/community health, health education, health informatics, health care administration, and social work.

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