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History, Mission, Vision

Our journey at Ohio University started with the “Domestic Sciences” program in 1911, predating the emergence of the science of nutrition as an academic discipline. By the 1930s, a food and nutrition program was elevated to a place within the School of Home Economics, preparing students for career opportunities in the field of food and dietetics. This forerunner of our current program achieved its first outside recognition by the American Dietetic Association in the 1940s, probably due to the recognition by the military of the importance of diet to the modern soldier. In 1971, our program was designated a Plan IV program in dietetics education. In 1991, our program was granted approval by the Commission on Accreditation of Dietetic Education. Currently, the Didactic Program in Dietetics at Ohio University has received accreditation status, which has remained active to date.

Our programs support core academic functions and the mission of the College: to prepare health professionals whose work reflects the highest standards of collaboration, ethics, innovation, and excellence.

Today our programs include a graduate degree in Food and Nutrition Sciences; our pre-medicine/pre-professional undergraduate degree in Nutrition; Applied Nutrition, which features newly expanded concentrations in Culinary Nutrition and Environmental Nutrition; a minor in Applied Nutrition; and an Honors Tutorial College specialization in nutrition. Our reach includes specialized diabetes research and education, global and domestic food insecurity research, and food science research.


The mission of the Division of Food and Nutrition Sciences is to build distinctive programs in Food and Nutrition Sciences that integrates theory, research, and practice, fostering the development of successful food and nutrition sciences students and graduates.  

Our program strives to prepare students for a variety of professional careers. Students who meet the eligibility and approval requirements have the option of enrolling in the school honors program.