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Graduate Diabetes Certificate

Available 100% online or in person!

The Diabetes Certificate is available to both undergraduate and graduate students in both 100% online and in-person formats. This program educates and prepares students to better understand the multifaceted and complex condition of diabetes. The program offers a unique opportunity for students to obtain interdisciplinary education and training opportunities as well as service learning, clinical and/or research opportunities guided by experts in diabetes.

Program Requirements

Core Diabetes Courses

NUTR 5320 
Diabetes: From Bench to Bedside - 3 Credit Hours

This is a comprehensive online course offering an exploration of the underlying genetics and physiology of diabetes and clinically relevant issues surrounding diabetes from medical, self-management, and prevention perspectives.

NUTR 5960 
Trends in Diabetes – 2 Credit Hours

This course includes a clinical preceptorship as well as a weekly seminar discussing the latest trends in diabetes clinical care, novel discoveries in diabetes research and experiences gained on preceptor sites.

NUTR 5932 
Independent Study in Diabetes –  3-8 Credit Hours

This is a capstone course with emphasis on research, clinical, or service learning experience related to diabetes. This course allows students to use “experiences” to count towards credit hours.

NOTE: Graduate students will be required to focus on a project that is distinct from their master's thesis or graduate-level project. Students who are completing research projects must select to do their independent study in a community or clinical setting. Likewise, students who are involved in community or clinical-based projects must select to do their independent study in a research setting. The independent study for diabetes typically requires 6-8 hours of independent work per week, and should not interfere with a graduate student's thesis or final project. In addition, graduate students wishing to pursue the diabetes certificate will be required to deliver a local, regional, or national presentation (oral or poster) related to diabetes or related disease.

Independent Study Options

The Independent Study allows students to use research, clinical, or service-learning experiences to count towards credit hours. Please contact Jennifer Yoder for more information about the Independent Study (yoderj@ohio.edu.)

Click here for the Independent Study Contract/Proposal Form.

Elective Coursework Requirements

Students must choose 6-8 credit hours elective coursework to meet the 14 semester hour requirement, including at least one course outside of the NUTR program.

Sample Graduate Diabetes Certificate Coursework and Electives

For additional certificate information:

Jennifer Yoder